Who runs your life?

Who runs your life?

When you are suffering in any kind of way, then you are not the one who is running your life. Instead mind, thoughts, emotions and ego are the one who not only run your life, but also possess the wholeness of your Being. The image above represents the suffering way of living and how it affects our whole life. But on the other hand, when we connect to the essence of who we truly are – consciousness/Being – we create a blissful life. Stress-free life is possible, but only through our conscious inner energy field. The change and healing of wounds, pains, blockades,…start within by aligning with your Being and expanding as consciousness which gradually liberates you from any kind of suffering.

Once you know the answers on “How to heal your own suffering?”, you become your own healer, solution, savior and a conscious master of your life. Start your healing with the help of Suzana through private session, where she does exactly that: teaches you how to heal your suffering, body and life.


Begin with self-healing process by:

  • Getting help from Suzana in private session

Check & Book a session

  • Using a Healing meditation

Start with self-healing

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