Q&A: What is love?

Q&A: What is love?

Do you want to feel love? Or you just want to be loved? Do you search for love desperately like I did? Are you finding yourself feeling strong neediness to experience the love? However you feel about love, this video will help you realize what true love actually is.

What is love

In this video I talk about the true love that liberates in all level. This true love is available to each human being. Which means it is available to you. Actually, it is already within you. But what is blocking you to feel the unconditional love? Is this something that you have control over to heal it? Where does the blockade come from? I share the answers with you to help you step into deeper self where the love that you seek lies.

Years ago I read in one book that I need to fill myself up with love. From then on my research for love and how to fill myself with love began. For several years I became also frustrated because no matter how I tried to feel the love, I just could not. Somehow I was seeking the love in the space of not knowing what love actually is. But now I have came into feeling the love from within and I share the answers with you.

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