What causes sexual addiction

What causes sexual addiction


Are you dealing with sexual addiction? Do you find yourself possessed by excessive, uncontrollable sexual drive? Are you feeling shame? Do you ever ask yourself why you are dealing with sexual addictive behavior? Where does it come from and what is the cause of it?

The cause of sexual addiction

In this video I take you into the deepest root which caused your sexual addiction. Gaining understanding when and why sexual addiction is your challenge helps you to deal with. It helps you to recognize the root and finally able to heal it. When we fight the addiction from the surface level, we might be successful. But only for short amount of time. Because the root has not been pull out yet. So, check in this video the root of the sexual addiction that needs your attention and awareness in order to heal yourself fully.

2 thoughts on “What causes sexual addiction”

  • Thank you Dear Suzana,

    for your Wonderful insight into this aspect of addiction.

    God bless you.

    Thank you also for your offer of free session.

    Hearty regards Joachim

    • You are welcome Joachim. I am glad to serve and help in any way and also grateful that videos are helpful to you.
      New ones also connected to sexuality are hopefully coming soon, so stay with me.
      Have a peaceful and joyful day 🙂

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