Throat chakra | Verbal abuse, Not allowed to express yourself, Judging yourself, Power of self expression, Being humiliated

Basics of your throat chakra

  • Mantra: Ham
  • Location: on the throat area;
  • In order to fully experience opening of throat chakra, I recommend you to meditate on all of the 7 basic chakras in one meditation.

Open throat:

  • you thoughts, feelings and inner knowledge are expressed freely and without fear;
  • honest towards yourself and others;
  • ability to express yourself your personality;
  • you are good listener with strong presence;
  • you have a good understanding towards others;
  • your speech is clear, rich, colorful and imaginative etc;
  • you are able to say no clearly, with strong power of your presence;
  • you say what you truly mean;
  • manipulation by other peoples words do not sway away;
  • represents also your independence, freedom and self-determination;
  • you trust yourself;
  • your voice is heard and respected;
  • your reflection of words is acknowledged;
  • there is no fear or respond of your words expressed to the groups, social media or any public;

Important: If you are able to talk with people does not mean that throat chakra is open. To realize if your throat chakra is open is to focus on the reflection of your speaking such as: do people listen to you, understand you, does your voice has an effect and power, how do you feel when you speak etc. You words do not define how open is your throat chakra, but the energy and emotions behind your words;

 Blocked throat chakra:

  • you have difficulties to express your emotions, thoughts;
  • not being understood or heard;
  • you communication is empty, mind based and powerless;
  • angry expression toward yourself and others;
  • gossiping;
  • frustrations in expressing;
  • guilt;
  • your voice may be noisy, cold and businessčlike;
  • laud and unpleasant voice;
  • fearful of expressing yourself;
  • fear of judgments of others;
  • quiet and withdrawn;
  • mental confusion,
  • Inability to say ‘no’ or ‘yes’
  • wanting to hit someone;
  • resentment of authority;
  • incessant talking;
  • stifled creativity;
  • difficulties with conversations – you blocked and do not know what to say;

Some basic health problems:

Breathing problems, sore throat, throat cancer, hay fever, bleeding gums, asthma, bronchitis, stiff neck, hoarseness, lost voice, mouth ulcers…

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