Third eye chakra | Is life against you?, Fear of diseases, Life purpose, Intuition, Knowigness

Basics of your third eye chakra

  • Mantra: Sham
  • Location: between your eyebrows;
  • In order to fully experience opening of third eye chakra, I recommend you to meditate on all of the 7 basic chakras in one meditation.

Open third eye chakra:

  • intuitive,
  • non judgmental;
  • seeing through peoples believe and judgments;
  • trusting deeply in life, every event and every challenge;
  • experiencing synchronicity in life;
  • harmonious life;
  • being in the right place at the right time;
  • experiencing beautiful fated events;
  • clairvoyant gifts, talents reveal to you;
  • being supported and protected from life;
  • no stress but only trust;
  • experience super powers of essence;
  • deep connection to higher energies;
  • connection to guides, souls, angels etc;
  • hearing, feeling and knowing the guidance;
  • following to inner guidance;
  • creative, imaginative and divine ideas;
  • disconnection form any believes;
  • clear purpose and being in service;

 Blocked third eye chakra:

  • having a lot of believes;
  • being angry and judgmental;
  • a lot of turmoil stored within you;
  • can’t cope;
  • stubbornness;
  • lack of joy;
  • stony un-forgiveness;
  • anxiety;
  • invalidating the self;
  • self-centeredness – only me, my life and my opinion attitude;
  • living in illusions and not recognizing the truth/reality;

Some basic health problems:

Deafness, insomnia, migraine, brain tumor, nervous breakdowns, chronic tiredness, dizziness, scalp issues, sinus problems, blindness, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure…

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