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Karmen Trnovsek

Karmen Trnovsek

Suzana Trnovsek

Suzana Trnovsek

This was and still is the most amazing path we stepped on in our life journey. When every area in our life closed for us, we had nowhere else to look anymore than inside. Neither of us expected magic evolving through us. All we wanted is to be healthy and free of suffering. Through the process we became a witness of extremely powerful healing arising within our energy field. We became aware of inner healing power lying within every human being. This healing power is the treasure that heals any kind of health problems and any kind of human suffering. Our inner healing power is one with our Being – consciousness that we are – and when we connect to it every single day, then nothing that is not our true essence can live within us anymore.

So, step by step our health problems started to dissolve and suffering falling away. Of course, it was not always easy. Challenges were part of the process as well and the ones that pushed us even deeper to the light of our consciousness. Gradually healthy state, love, gentleness, stability, stillness, peace, joy, abundance, freedom, lightness, openness, purpose, balance relationship, power, harmony…and everything that we in essence are starts to shine through us.

We named our process »Self-healing process«. It summarizes the essence of this teaching. During self-healing process we heal our health issues and suffering with our own attention, with our own will and focus within. Activating healing throughout the day and through the challenges activates dissolving of our inner wounds, blockades. And as we add in the evening meditation, strong healing awakens, also through our sleeping time. Combination of using all the golden tools, brings extremely powerful healing within that is gradually reflecting in our everyday life situations and on our body.

This teaching is practical and comes from our rich life experiences as well as through higher wisdom coming through us. It is deeper truth connecting every one. We are all one in a deeper state. So, when we start to live from that state, life open for us in many ways, also mysterious ways.

We are powerful Beings and we can powerfully heal ourselves from inside out. When we suffer, life is not against us. Instead it is helping us to awaken old patterns, wounds and blockades so we can release this old energies vibrating within us and break free of them. Then our life can vibrates on a higher level of vibration – Being vibration – surrounding with everything our soul wish and is here for.

We are sharing this teaching with you, because we want also for you to become aware of your own magnificence. These are the steps to liberation of any kind. If you are ready for your most amazing life journey, then we kindly invite you to the ride of your life.

Start with 5GOLDEN TOOLS, where all the tools are accessible to you and transformation of your life can start. Get in touch with us (Suzana) through LIVE Private consulting session, ask any question and get direct guidance, practical exercises and healing planner prepared just for you.

We are here for you. Grateful to be able to help you on your self-healing journey.

With Love and healing support,

Suzana and Karmen Trnovsek / Self-healing teaching