Taking your power back

Taking your power back

I have found that practice one of the most important when we are in interaction with people, challenged or doing something. Why? Because this is the great opportunity to take the power back and to learn how to sit into our power. I explain more below.


Examples – We give our power away when

– our attention is not even partly inside our body at what we do- we give our full focus to external happening;

– the attention is fully in the other person and not partly into our body – we uproot ourselves from our inner being and our whole attention is into other person, but not even glimpse into awareness of self;

– emotional wounds take us over – such as when fear arises and it take us over. We lost ourselves in fear and we loose our contact with our power;

– opinions of other people affect us and causes reactions, isolation, anger etc – that means that power within us is lost in the outer world.



Use this practice when you are doing your daily things, when you are having conversation with someone or being challenged by someone/something.

1. Now, during the day your attention needs to be always partly in your breathing. So you are constantly aware of your breathing, how your chest is lifting up and down. And you never loose it. You can practice this exercise while you are reading this. Become aware of your breathing by having your partly attention in the chest area while you are reading this lines.

2. No matter what is happening externally, who is in front of you, what you do, have the partly attention in the chest area.

3. And that is all that you need to do to start to take your power back by connecting to your inner power from within. But that practice seems so easy. It is, but because of strong accumulation of our mind, we can easily lost ourselves fully into the energy of our mind that loves to take us away from our inner power.


Explanation of this practice

– When you are focused partly in breathing nurtures your presence and increases your inner power. Because your presence is your enormous power. That is how you start to root yourself into your being at everything that you do and who ever you talk to. It is extremely important for a reason to become aware simultaneously your inner emotional wounds, thought patterns, ego challenges etc. Without your presence, you stay in the bubble of your suffering.



What me and Karmen do is practicing that exercise while we are having normal conversations with each other.

Which helps to align with inner being so that we can become aware of our breathing when any challenge arrives. We can so easily give our power of being away by forgetting on our inner body if we do not practice regularly. We recommend you to apply this exercises as often as you can.

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