Symptoms of blocked sexual energy

Symptoms of blocked sexual energy

Symptoms of blocked sexual energy

I. Not having any sexual drive. You do not feel any desire to have intimate sexual relationship;

II. You cannot attract any serious (healthy) relationship. Or relationship at all;

III. Man/women do not see you as sexual being. They do not have desire to be intimate with you;

IV. attracting injuries on the genital area. Attracting the accidents which injure your genital part in any way;

V. health issues on genital area;

For women:

a) Menstrual cramps,

b) Menstrual unbalanced period,

c) Lower back pains,

d) Bladder issues,

e) Uterus and ovary issues,

f) Not being able to get pregnant etc.

For man:

a) Erection problems,

b) Enlarged prostate,

c) Kidney problems,

d) Lover back issues etc

Common issues: not being able to hold peeing at certain periods of your life.

VI. Experiencing verbal attacks – in any area of your life;

VII. Attracting violence;

VIII. If you are a women – sensuality within you is blocked;

IX. Blocked creativity;


When sexual energy blocks, also

I.Communication from the state of your inner being blocks

– not being heard, respected, powerlessness in your voice…:

II. Value blocks

– you have difficulties to feel worthy, valuable, confident;

III. Material issues

– you experience the difficulties to manifest basics things for living;


Why sexual energy blocks?

Sexual energy blocks when you experience some sort of trauma, disappointment, nonacceptance etc. It happens at the early age, in your childhood.

Usually what I do is check the astrology chart. And I can see exactly what had happen to individual in childhood and how affected hers/his sexual energy. That helps to understand the reason behind blocked sexual energy in more detailed way. If you need help for your personal case, I can help you with reading your personal astrology chart by clicking here >>


How to unblock sexual energy?

1. Start to go within you by using practices which increases your consciousness. You do that by using on a daily basis following 5 basic and most important practices which you can find them here >>

2. Use those practices on a regular basis which awakens a strong healing your emotional suffering. Emotional wound that has blocked your sexual energy must be healed in other to put your life, health and sexual energy in balance;



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