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Start with healing of your suffering with following


5 basic and most important practices:

1. Healing meditation;

2. Grounding;

3. Connecting to yourself;

4. Taking your power back;

5. Emotional balancing

Find practices and descriptions below.


Practices are linked together and covers the every bit of your suffering that needs your awareness/healing.

By implementing those practices on a daily basis activates the healing and transformation of your life.




To choose a right meditation that does the inner healing work is really important:

- Right meditation is the one that focuses you inside the body. When your focus is inside the body (inner body), your mind quiets down and your state of consciousness gets your nurturing. When you consciousness (who you truly are) gets the attention, it can grow, expand and heal any internal/external suffering.

- Wrong meditation focuses you outside the body such as traveling to the other realms, traveling with your mind, traveling to angels etc. Focusing also on the future events while meditation is not correct. Both wrong ways uproot us, separate us from the now, cause even more dramas an suffering.



Healing meditation which balances your energy centers and is called "Opening & Balancing chakras" meditation

I specifically recommend you meditation that can be found on YouTube channel and is divided in two parts. But you need to meditate on both parts one after another.


Find amazing healing meditation that we recommend

here >> I.part & II.part

and start with healing

(meditate always on both parts, one after another in one meditation)



- meditate one time a day. Me and my sister Karmen, we meditate in the evening, before going to sleep. The same I recommend to you because after you go to sleep inner healing from the meditation healing continues. If you are not an evening person, then choose the time of the meditation which is the most suitable for you. Follow your instinct which always tells you what is best for you.

- use position for meditation: lying in bed, without pillow. Lye in bed, have your arms next to your body and slightly spreaded legs. Use your earphones and follow the guidance of recommended meditation. My body has been very fragile as consequences of many diseases and suffering. The only way I could meditate was by lying in my bed and I stayed in that position. I recommend to you the same position.

- do not expect meditation to be a certain way - Avoid to any expectations. Follow the guidance of recommended meditation and allow to feel any sensations that rises to the surface. If you need to go to pee while you are meditation, do not resist to the present moment. Go to pee. If your thoughts cannot calm down, allow that too. If you have issues with focusing, allow it. Allow anything and enjoy the journey of powerful healing. Do not try to achieve stillness, feeling of pure love or anything else. Stillness, love, joy etc awakens by itself when there is enough of consciouss space within you. And that space happens with regular meditation.



- 1 time a day, regularly. Regularly means every day.

Exclude meditation only when you are tired from healing meditation. It means that before you go to meditate you feel the tiredness to focus on chakras. In that case take a rest by skipping meditation and continue with meditating on the regular basis the next day.



- to meditate only on I. part of meditation (lower chakras) or II.part of meditation (higher chakras). The reason lies in connectivity of chakras that need help from each other. They work together as one.

- to meditate more than one time a day. This healing meditation is powerful and healing enough to do the necessary healing work. Meditating twice a day can be too much exhausting for your body and for you. Do not rush with healing, but more tune into divine process of inner healing that starts to happen.

Grounding yourself and your body is one of very important part of your life that needs your daily attention.


Grounding helps you to

- activate an inner healing from the ground;

- reveal your own limitation and ego behaviors;

- explore  with your awareness thought, emotional and unconscious level;

- recognize the truth from illusion;

- calm your mind and reveal your true self;

- step into the challenges with stability and being centered;

- root you in the now fully;

- stop following the ego and step into your being;

- align with state of stability, being humble, fearless, feeling save and very calm.

But as me and my sister have discovered, walking barefoot on the grass to ground yourself is not enough. But we need daily grounding practice.  




This is the practice that I recommend you to do the most often as you can. If you cannot do this practice, then use the second one.

1. Go to the nature in the place where you can find a lot of trees. You need to spend 60 minutes in your nature.

2. Take a walk in the nature for about 15 minutes and be aware of your feet stepping in the ground.

3. Now find your favorite position and sit or stand. I have always preferred to sit, but my sister has preferred to stand.

4. Once you are comfortable, place your full attention to your feet fully and hold attention there for 30 minutes.

5. Ground yourself with this practice 3-4 times a week. In the beginning of awakening my sister had been grounding herself at least 6 times a week in nature. Life wanted from her to go for help to the nature because she was carrying within her very heavy energies. And she needed a lot of healing. If you feel that you want to visit nature more then 3-4 times a week, then do not hesitate.


Explanation of practice:

-Practice takes place in the nature because nature has the extremely high state of consciousness. Its presence is so powerful that can help to heal any difficult disease.  It takes about 15-30 minutes to calm your mind and to experience the healing from nature. The practice does not have such as deepest healing when your mind is active. That is why you need to be in the nature 60 min.

-Once you are able to give your full attention to your feet it means you mind has calmed down. That usually takes about 15-20 min. Sometimes even more if the mind stimulation of identification is strong.

-When you feel the stillness in you, your attention in your feet creates a conscious space and opens itself to the consciousness of nature. Nature s energy then penetrates through your feet, starts with healing and simultaneously grounding. You feel it as strong sensations, pleasant pulling of energy, vibrations in your feet or some sensations also in the other part of your body.

-You can obviously feel the difference when you mind calms down in the nature. Suddenly you feel relaxed, still and enjoy in the nature. Nature seems different, more beautiful then ever. Why? Because you see now the nature from the state of your being.



Use this practice when you cannot go to the nature or you are limited in any kind of way to visit the mother nature.

1. Make yourself comfortable. Sit in your comfortable chair or lye in your bed. Usually we are sitting or lying in our bed. As we feel at that moment.

2. Take a three deep breaths in and out.

3. Now place your full attention to your both feet and hold attention there for at least 20 minutes.

4. Feeling the tingling sensation or vibration on your feet is a sign that you are grounding yourself and healing. If you do not feel any sensations, continue with practice and gradually sensations will arise.

5. Ground yourself with this practice every day.


Explanation of practice

-This practice also ground you, but because you are awakening the grounding by itself (and not with the help of nature), I recommend you to ground yourself every day;

-Deep breaths that you do help you to calm your mind. If you have difficulties to focus on your feet, then take a deep breath in and out again.

-Once you are fully focused on your feet, sensation awakens and mind cannot work. If you notice yourself thinking, then gently place your attention back to your feet.



If you did not feel safe next to your parents, then your inner emotional pain of not feeling safe blocks you from being grounded. This is only one example. The harder your childhood, the most uprooted you become and it creates enormous suffering.

As you experience any type of unsupported surroundings, you experience emotional suffering. Whether you feel it or not in that moment. That emotional pains locates itself in the area from the hips down, through the whole legs. That emotional pain prevents to your being (consciousness) and body to root itself to the mother earth and cannot fully express itself on this planet Earth. Also it causes the further suffering, diseases and increases the inner emotional pains.


Regular grounding is needed to:

- heal the emotional pains that actually uproot you and

- experience the manifestation of consciousness at its fullness;

- maintain and/or gain the aliveness in your body - to have and experience of enormous energy. That means also never to feel tired.

Connect to yourself on a daily basis and start to discovering yourself from a deeper level.


Connecting to yourself:

- connects you to the core of your essence - to who you truly are;

- increases your presence or so to speak expands your awareness;

- aligns you with the now and help you to center yourself;

- activates an inner healing and help you to become intensely present in any challenging given moment;

- teaches you how to live your life from the state of being - state of stillness, peace and surrendered state;

- connects you to the flow of life;



1. Make yourself comfortable. You can sit in your chair or lye in your bed. As you prefer.

2. Put your palms next to your body or on your legs (if you are sitting) and place your palms to face up;

3. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out three times;

4. Now place your attention on your chest area and take a deep breath in and out again (do not loose the focus from your chest area);

5. Now give your complete focus to your right palm and hold attention there for 20-30 minutes; Your focus or attention needs to be only on your palm and not else where. If you loose your attention and follow to your thoughts, just gently place your attention back to your right palm.

6. Gradually you feel slight tingling sensation or vibration on your right palm. That is the actual of feedback that you have connected to yourself and that you are free in that moment from thinking.


Explanation of this practice:

- Once you give your full attention to your right palm you redirect your focus from your mind to your inner body - to your inner being. When you hold attention on your right palm, you practice the sense of self, activating your inner healing, increasing your presence and learning the feelings what it truly means being connected to yourself;

-You focus on palm because your palm gives you immediate feedback (vibration) if you have connected to yourself. However, if you would focus on your chest area, aliveness would not awaken because that is the part that is also very often dense by strong emotional suffering.

- Feeling the aliveness means being connected to yourself. You might still not feel the peace, joy and love in you, but feeling the vibration is the beginning and opener to connect to the qualities and power of your inner being. If you do not feel any vibration or sensation on your right palm, it means that your mind is still active. So, continue to practice and it will eventually quiet down.



Use this practice 1-2 times a day.

- We used this practice in the beginning 2 times a day and so we recommend to you the same. It is an amazing practice that will help you align with yourself and implement the sense of self when you do other daily obligations - which need your alignment/presence.



- your inner vibration increases with practice and awakens on the other part of the body. Allow it to exist. It is a good sign that presence in you is increasing;

- you can practice this exercise with eyes open (at the bus station, when you are waiting for something/someone etc..use any opportunity of being connected to yourself or so to speak being present);

- extended version of this practice is to focus on both palm, then simultaneously on your feet and later on feeling the aliveness through the whole body. Do not rush it and start with your right palm.

- if you lost the vibration, you have lost the presence in you. Take a deep breath in and out and refocus your attention to your right palm. Feeling the peace, stillness, pleasant quietness is sign that you feel the true self - you have fully connected to yourself. That gradually transfers to your daily activities that can be then transformed into much deeper sense of living.

I have found that practice one of the most important when we are in interaction with people, challenged or doing something. Why? Because this is the great opportunity to take the power back and to learn how to sit into our power. I explain more below.


Examples - We give our power away when

- our attention is not even partly inside our body at what we do- we give our full focus to external happening;

- the attention is fully in the other person and not partly into our body - we uproot ourselves from our inner being and our whole attention is into other person, but not even glimpse into awareness of self;

- emotional wounds take us over - such as when fear arises and it take us over. We lost ourselves in fear and we loose our contact with our power;

- opinions of other people affect us and causes reactions, isolation, anger etc - that means that power within us is lost in the outer world.



Use this practice when you are doing your daily things, when you are having conversation with someone or being challenged by someone/something.

1. Now, during the day your attention needs to be always partly in your breathing. So you are constantly aware of your breathing, how your chest is lifting up and down. And you never loose it. You can practice this exercise while you are reading this. Become aware of your breathing by having your partly attention in the chest area while you are reading this lines.

2. No matter what is happening externally, who is in front of you, what you do, have the partly attention in the chest area.

3. And that is all that you need to do to start to take your power back by connecting to your inner power from within. But that practice seems so easy. It is, but because of strong accumulation of our mind, we can easily lost ourselves fully into the energy of our mind that loves to take us away from our inner power.


Explanation of this practice

- When you are focused partly in breathing nurtures your presence and increases your inner power. Because your presence is your enormous power. That is how you start to root yourself into your being at everything that you do and who ever you talk to. It is extremely important for a reason to become aware simultaneously your inner emotional wounds, thought patterns, ego challenges etc. Without your presence, you stay in the bubble of your suffering.



What me and Karmen do is practicing that exercise while we are having normal conversations with each other.

Which helps to align with inner being so that we can become aware of our breathing when any challenge arrives. We can so easily give our power of being away by forgetting on our inner body if we do not practice regularly. We recommend you to apply this exercises as often as you can.

In order to balance our emotions we need to:

1. open to our emotional suffering;

2. allow it to feel them with our awareness (becoming observer);

3. and ground them (by grounding ourselves regularly).

When we do all of the three steps, then we can experience the power of emotions which bring us movement and healing of our body/life. But facing with our emotions is vital and necessary to learn how to approach to them with an awareness. I lead you below with two different practices for two types of emotional unbalance.


2 Types of emotional unbalance


a) Not feeling any emotions at all

- A person was growing up in the environment where expressing his/her emotions was not allowed or was treated as a sin. Or a person experienced some sort of trauma, disappointment, death...which created an intense emotional suffering. As consequence a person did not allow itself to feel any emotional hurt any longer.

First comes the separation from the emotional pain, but gradually the separation expands to the extend where the access to any emotions is out of reach. A person start to live very doll live with not much or any aliveness in their life.


b) Full identification to emotional pains

- A person is experiencing emotions as they would be their truth and they feel their emotions very good. Example: When a person feel sad, it feels it as though he/she is sad and does not realize that sadness is an emotional hurt and not who essentially he/she is. A person does not have a conscious strength or so to speak the presence to step out of emotional. In that case we call that the identification with emotions.

With this type of unbalance, a person is not able to feel its personal inner strength but is used by their emotional suffering.



In your case, opening to feel your emotions again and learning how to feel them is the most vital.

1. Start to ask yourself "How do I feel?" or "What do I feel in this moment" and be willing to know the answer;

2. It does not matter if you do not feel any emotions at all. Just continue to asking yourself those questions;

3. Ask yourself questions at least 3 times a day when you are alone. And every time when you have conversation with someone or when you are challenged. Ask yourself quietly;

4. When you ask those question, put your attention to observing your breathing. That is how you enter into deeper self and helping yourself to come to the emotions;

5. At the beginning you might not feel emotions clearly. But you are going to feel some sort of physical sensations such as: fast heart beat, tension in legs, weight in the chest area, swirling sensations on your head, chest weight etc. This is sign that you have awakened the emotional pains which body already responds to them. So this is very good sign. At that moment place your full attention to the part of physical sensation and continue to ask yourself one of the question.

6. Gradually you are going to feel the emotions. Now it is important allow them to feel. That means that if you feel sad or angry, allow yourself to feel angry. That is not actually you, but is part of you that needs your healing. So your work is allow them to feel and when you do feel them, you are healing them. That means that they are dissolving.



In your case, you need to expand your inner conscious strength to be able to step out of the identification with your emotions. And also practicing observing your emotions to activate healing.

1. When the emotional pain arises, you need to become aware that this is actually pain and not who you are. If you feel fear, depression, sadness, anger, no willingness, disappointments, bitterness..this is the pain in you.

2. Now when you are aware of the pain, start to observe your pain as you would observe your breathing. Observing your emotional pain separates you from the pain. Observing is also the connection to your true self (consciousness) that starts to heal that pain. Observe your for example sadness, how it behaves, how strong it is, what kind of thoughts it causes and be intense observer.

3. You might be drawn to feed the emotional pain because you have been doing that for a long time. But practicing consciouss observation makes you stronger and alert to step out of it. When you step out of it - which you do as observer - you are healing it. Some of the emotional pains needs more observing and intense of presence. Others less.



It is very known that showing your own vulnerability is weakness and it will make your life only worse. I agree in the case when we do not approach to our vulnerability with our awareness. In this case, our emotional pains causes even more pains, more dramas and even more challenges.

But when we approach to our vulnerability with our awareness, by observing our emotions, you are increasing the strength within you and balance inner state. That is how you balance our state.

We need to feel the vulnerability and learn to express it consciously in order to balance emotions, balance our life and heal ourselves.


To fully step into motion and healing of your body/live, you need to balance your emotions by including following practices:

- regular healing meditation;

- grounding yourself;

- taking our power back practice;

- connecting to yourself;



This guidance is a helpful tool to:


- solve daily challenges with awareness,

- activate an inner healing;

- calming your stimulated thoughts;

- separate yourself from mind believing and feeling the truth of self;

- calm emotional turbulence;

- to tap into the present moment or, so to speak into stillness.


Calming your thoughts is the only way to tap into center of self and expand your strength to tackle any challenging daily situation. Whatever the challenge is, having calm mind is also a key to act, behave and live your life from the power of your essence.


Daily practice of this guidance

-expands your stillness, calms your mind and helps you approach to your challenges with clarity, stability and empowered actions.


Implement this practice:

-1-2 times a day.


Begin with practice:

Download guidance to your device