Solar plexus chakra | Feeling powerless, Getting stuck, Nervousness , Courage, Low self-esteem

Solar plexus chakra |  Feeling powerless, Getting stuck, Nervousness , Courage, Low self-esteem

Basics of your solar plexus chakra:

  • Solar plexus chakra begins to awaken and clearing by imaging bright yellow chakra and focusing on its location;
  • Mantra: Ram
  • Location: 1 cm above the navel;
  • In order to fully experience opening of solar plexus chakra, I recommend you to meditate on all of the 7 basic chakras in one meditation.

Open solar plexus:

  • connection with your personal power;
  • you transcend any challenge in empowered way;
  • being assertive;
  • conscious approach to our desires, wishes, creativity by using them in empowered way;
  • full acceptance of yourself;
  • you integrate yourself in all area of your life;
  • you maneuver with your feelings with ease and contemplate them in your world, life with highest level of energy;
  • expressing your personal opinions are always empowered;
  • you actions are without stress and wishes fulfilled in a natural, harmonious way;
  • feeling powerless is not a part of you and your life;
  • you do not justify and defend your actions;

 Blocked solar plexus chakra:

  • uncertainty;
  • stressed;
  • child-like reacting;
  • feeling shame;
  • denying your own power;
  • justifying;
  • repressed anger;
  • anger in general;
  • fearful;
  • lack of believing in yourself;
  • getting upset very easily;
  • you feel that life or obstacles are against you;
  • feeling stuck and fearful at the same time;
  • not having ability to calm yourself in a difficult situation;
  • you are negative in every situation and everything that you see around yourself;
  • feeling rejected and discouraged;
  • difficulty to let go;
  • running away from challenges;
  • not being able to confront with challenge;
  • you get easily irritated;
  • relaxing is not possible for you;

Some basic health problems:

Bulimia, diabetes, stomach cancer, peptic ulcer, spastic colon, bulimia, hepatitis, bulimia, digestive problems, gall stones, liver disease, chronic tiredness…


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