Work / Purpose session


Private counseling session: via Skype

Skype work / purpose issue session with: Suzana Trnovsek

Language: English

Time duration: 60 min

Skype sessions give you the opportunity to work with Suzana without having to get somewhere. Via Skype, Suzana will meet with you to teach you how do you approach to your personal health issue to move you forward.

DISCOUNT NOTE: 15% discount applies if you purchase 2 sessions and 25% discount applies if you purchase more than 3 sessions.


Work / Purpose session is for anyone who is:

  • struggling to find purpose;
  • searching the meaning in life;
  • fired and is seeking for solutions connected to work;
  • miserable at work;
  • stuck by not being able to find the job;
  • struggling to express his/hers purpose;
  • finding difficulties in pursuing the purpose than experiencing harmony;
  • seeking for gifts, talents and treasures in yourself etc;

Suzana teaches you how to:

  • deal with your challenges in empowered and healing way;
  • activate a healing within you in order to start to balance purpose /work;
  • healing techniques for the challenges that appears in daily life connected to work / purpose;
  • deal with fears, doubts connected to work / purpose and becoming the master of your own life;
  • step into the path of a true purpose that you have been born for;

Suzana explores:

  • your current situation, challenges and adjust the session to that;

Suzana is open to your questions:

Skype live session gives an amazing opportunity to ask additional your most burning questions:

  • Ask personal questions anytime during the session;
  • If your focus wants to be about one question, than session revolves around this question – with answers, guidance, necessary exercises, teaching etc;


To know your purpose seems the most important. But what I found more important is to know how to step into a path to get to your purpose and how to consciously express it. Once you consciously approach to that path, you gain a huge help of life who will lead you to your greatest and most freeing purpose that will not only be fulfilling but also deeply rewarding. You are kindly invited to the session where I will help you to step on the conscious path towards your meant to be purpose.

Suzana Trnovsek, Self-healing teaching


Private counseling session scheduling process:

  1. Click on add to chart button and proceed the payment;
  2. Once the payment is completed, you immediately receive on your e-mail address our Skype address and calendar with available dates and hours;
  3. Choose suitable date and hour by clicking on link in your e-mail address;
  4. Choosing a date and hour is simple and takes minute or so;
  5. Add us on your Skype by adding our Skype address;
  6. At arranged date and hour, Suzana Trnovsek calls you and private video session can begin;