Sexuality session


Private counseling session: via Skype

Skype sexuality issue session with: Suzana Trnovsek

Language: English

Time duration: 60 min

Skype sessions give you the opportunity to work with Suzana without having to get somewhere. Via Skype, Suzana will meet with you to teach you how do you approach to your personal health issue to move you forward.

DISCOUNT NOTE: 15% discount applies if you purchase 2 sessions and 25% discount applies if you purchase more than 3 sessions.


Sexuality session can be connected to different types of unbalances such as:

  • dealing with sexual blockages – not being able to feel the need for sexuality or attracting healthy sexual relationship;
  • addicted to sex;
  • searching for healthy, loving sexual (partnership) relationship;
  • attracting constant health issues and/or injuries on the genital area;
  • struggling with the sexual lust and cannot “control it”;
  • addicted to pornography;
  • prostitution;
  • in the prison of mental sexual images and relieving them;

Session is about healing all of the above mentioned sexual unbalances to become free and explore the true depth of sexual force.

Suzana teaches you

  • the basic techniques for healing sexual unbalance;
  • how to activate a healing force;
  • how do you deal with sexual challenges when they arise;
  • practical approaches to become strong when the temptations arises;
  • how do you become a master of unbalance sexuality;

For sexual blockages:

  • what are the main steps in order to clear the blockages;
  • how to activate a healing force to enter into the sexual force;
  • how to deal with the sexual blockages challenge;
  • approaches to free yourself from any sexual restrictions;

Suzana explores

  • your personal sexual struggle and adjust the session to what is the most vital to stat with in order to activate a powerful healing within you.

You will gain also guidance about

  • how the unbalanced sexual energy blocks effects your entire life, freedom and enjoyment of life;
  • and how the sexual balance reinforce your life in a powerful way;

Suzana is open to your questions

Skype live session gives an amazing opportunity to ask additional your most burning questions:

  • Ask personal questions anytime during the session;
  • If your focus wants to be about one question, than session revolves around this question – with answers, guidance, necessary exercises, teaching etc;


Within you is the greatest healing force that will help you to balance your powerful sexual healing force. Temptations and blockages are challenges and illusions that hold you into a surface level of the sexuality and make you suffer. But within you is so much more than just that surface experiences. I realized that once I was able to step out of this unbalance. I became aware in what kind of darkness did I lived in. And so will you. I am looking forward to help you with sexual unbalance, guide you to free yourself fully and finally taste the true self through sexual conscious force.

Suzana Trnovsek, Self-healing teaching


Private counseling session scheduling process:

  1. Click on add to chart button and proceed the payment;
  2. Once the payment is completed, you immediately receive on your e-mail address our Skype address and calendar with available dates and hours;
  3. Choose suitable date and hour by clicking on link in your e-mail address;
  4. Choosing a date and hour is simple and takes minute or so;
  5. Add us on your Skype by adding our Skype address;
  6. At arranged date and hour, Suzana Trnovsek calls you and private video session can begin;