Private session with Suzana


Are you struggling with your life or health?

Did you find yourself in the mud, without help, support or tool to break free from suffering? Is your disease your biggest challenge and you cannot find a solution for healing? Maybe have others gave up on your health or you have already tried everything and nothing have worked? Are your relationships abusive, disrespectful or are you struggling with loneliness? Maybe you are dealing with extremely challenging nightmares, being bullied, people attack you from nowhere, etc?

Or maybe your self-healing journey triggers questions and you need answers or some guidance?

Whatever your struggle is, I am here to help you connect to your inner healing power and guide you. For every issue, no matter how difficult is, there is always a solution. Your healing power has the infinitive and unimaginable strength that can heal and solve anything – even the most difficult suffering.

In this private session with Skype we are going to look at your personal struggle or questions you might have. Then what I do is guide you how you approach to your personal struggle, where you need to start, where your energy is leaking, what you might not see what is truly happening, etc. Once you understand the message of your suffering we move on to guidance, exercises, tips which lead you to healing your suffering. I teach you how you use those tools and how you implement them in your life.

This is a general preview how the session looks like because each individual have a slight different issue which leads to various approaches and tone of the session.

I look forward to guiding you to the light and healing.


duration time: 60 min