Healing guided meditation


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How many times have you tried to make a change in your life and it just haven’t happened yet? How much have you tried to forget about some past traumatic experience, but they still haunt you? Or how long  is now since you have tried to break free from disease, toxic relationships, grief, nightmares, resentments, family issues, abuse, negative thinking, ego challenges, confusion or to find what is your fulfilling path in your life?

If we do not go to the root of our suffering, we are going to try to break free from suffering for the rest of our life. All suffering is gripped by our inner wounds which are stuck in the unconscious state. When we approach them only with a drop of awareness, they cannot be pulled out. It is impossible because we need a deeper and expanded awareness or, so to speak expanded healing power. Only a deep meditation can dig so deep and pull out the strongest inner wounds which manifest suffering.

What I have discovered through the course of self-healing, awakening process is the significance of right meditation. So I have created a meditation which provides a deep healing from within. What you have been trying to solve or heal, now you can dissolve with the help of this meditation.

This guided meditation is for anyone who wants to go on the road to change and forever dissolve suffering. A change is not immediate after first use of meditation, but happens gradually. It can become your savior, best friend and the biggest helper for the rest of your life if you choose to implement it on a daily basis.

Duration: 40 min 10 sec