Healing meditation


Duration: 40 min 10 sec

Meditation includes 7 basic chrakras: root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, troat chakra, third eye chakra, crown chakra.

Language: English

Delivery: Immediate MP3 Download – Worldwide

Guided by: Suzana Trnovsek – Self-healing teachings

Created by: Suzana Trnovsek – Self-healing teachings

Music in the background: Music is made for balancing chakras that helps to clear, open and balance your chakras

Recommended: Earphones (Meditation can be used also without earphones ).


Guided meditation:

This is powerful and effective healing meditation “Opening & Balancing chakras” which:

  • connect you to your inner healing power;
  • nourishes, increases and expends your inner healing power within you;
  • begins to crumble a toxic speaker (ego,mind, mental noise) and its power over your true self;
  • awakens and align you with the power of now (present moment);
  • clears what was never yours and reveals who you truly are;
  • heals your suffering, disease, illness and any imbalance;
  • flushes away karmic and unconscious inner wounds;
  • reveals your purpose;
  • opens you to the higher forces;
  • free you from worries, stress, suffering;
  • powerfully root you into your essence and body;
  • align you with your deep intuitive side and increases hearing of it;
  • connect you to your true – magical powers, gifts, treasures, strength and it helps you to express it;
  • evokes within you the strength to deal with any kind of difficult situation (in empowered and healing way);
  • awakens within you the highest vibration that unlocks the door to balancing, healthy, abundant and joyful life;
  • awakens within you true love that fulfills you deeply from within and heals any grief, judgments, unbalance relationships etc;

Healing music:

This meditation includes very powerful healing music which helps you to awaken energy centers, clear them and connect you to powerful inner aliveness that you are. Music includes special and gentle sounds which are intentionally created to open you to true self and heal your body and life.


It is one of the most important tools for awakening of your inner healing power, dissolving of wounds, blockades, pains and suffering in general. It hugely help you with crumbling everything that is not your true essence. Dive within and transform/heal your life with the help of this powerful meditation. Suzana Trnovšek / Self-healing with Suzana

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