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Expand your consciousness


Duration: 22 min 39 sec

Language: English

Delivery: Immediate MP3 Download – Worldwide

Guided by: Suzana Trnovsek – Self-healing teachings

Created by: Suzana and Karmen Trnovsek – Self-healing teachings




Guidance “Expand your consciousness”

This is effective guidance which will expand your consciousness and help you to:

  • expand your inner strength, clarity, stability, stillness;
  • tremendously increase your own presence and ability to deal with suffering;
  • tap into the power of your conscious voice to communicate from powerful state;
  • awakens your inner aliveness and burn out your inner and outer suffering;
  • helps you to deal with any challenging situation in a conscious, healing and transforming way;
  • expands your inner courage;
  • align you with every day enjoyment;
  • burns out any illusions you might live;

Regular use of this guidance

Helps you to consciously deal with any challenging situations or people. Even the most tense ones such as:

  • any kind of abuse;
  • mental challenges;
  • challenging environment;
  • any attacks,
  • health issue challenges;
  • enormous anxieties, panic attacks, stress;
  • fears;
  • boredom, depression;
  • nightmares;
  • sexual issues;

or so to speak anything which evokes any kind of suffering.

Suzanas 6 extra personal tips

1. Use this guidance every single day, during the day;

2. To this guidance add also meditation (in the morning or in the evening). Use healing meditation > here;

3. Gradually follow this guidance with open eyes;

4. Take a one or two deep breaths if you have difficulties to focus;

5. Slowly add this practice into your daily situations such as: waiting somewhere, feeling board, stuck in traffic,…

6. Put yourself on the first place and do not skip your practice;


It is one of the vital tools to use. What this guidance provides is infinitive expansion of your consciousness that will help you to deal with any kind of difficult situation. And bring you to peace. Powerful presence, extreme clarity, easily heard intuition, alertness and clearness evolves as existence within you and through you. In my life it gradually brought me deep peace which is why I cherish this practice deeply. It saved me from my dreadful suffering.

Suzana Trnovsek, Self-healing teaching

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