Guidance with Suzana


Audio guidance: MP3

Duration: 14 min 50 sec

Language: English

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Personal Guided by: Suzana Trnovsek – Self-healing teachings

Audio includes: Rich teaching, healing and effective step by step guided exercise;


Powerful guidance “Calming your thoughts”:

Begin with powerful guidance “Calming your thoughts” which:
  • calms your thoughts;
  • separate you from stimulating thinking;
  • quiets your mind;
  • removes you from excessive thinking;
  • connects you to stillness;
  • teaches you how to separate from thoughts;
  • teaches you how to connect to stillness;
  • connect you to the power of now – being fully alert and present;
  • awakens aliveness within you which regenerates your body and also exhaustion;
  • calms your body, removes you from any emotional burst, stress or overwhelming feelings;
  • roots you into your essence and help you to approach to your life in a grounded way.

When to use this guidance?

You use this guidance when you:
  • cannot stop thinking;
  • identify with your thoughts – you believe them anything;
  • feel exhausted, upset, tired;
  • come very tired from work;
  • have difficult to be present;
  • dwell too much on future or what had happen in the past;
  • cannot fell asleep;
  • become aware that you are fully in your mind and cannot separate from thinking;
  • become worried;
  • cannot feel peace within;
  • want to become free of ego talk;
  • want to fully align with your being and receive powerful thoughts that are beneficial to you;

Is this guidance suitable for you?

This guidance is suitable for:
  • Anyone – it does not matter how old you are and what kind of mind challenges do you have. This guidance is perfect to become the master of your mind and explore the stillness rising within you.


Not only you will calm your mind with this guidance, but it will put you also into the state of presence and regeneration. Guidance helps you also in the most stimulated thoughts. You will gradually free yourself from stimulated thinking and dive into your own peaceful conscious state.

Suzana Trnovsek / Self-healing teaching

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  1. Therese (verified owner)

    I have found this exercise to be very helpful. I have been listening once or twice a day and recalling the information during the day to apply it and put it into practice. I like that the recording is short, and I appreciate both the guidance given as well as the time at the end in silence to fully practice. Thank you Suzana for all that you are sharing on your website. Many blessings!

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