Astrology session


Welcome to the Skype astrology session in which I dedicate my focus to your personal chart.

Astrology session with me is dedicated to you in following way:

  1. I explore your natal chart and share with you your greatest gifts, powers, abilities that lies in you – they might be in front of your eyes and you cannot see them. Or they are deeply berried within you. Usually that means that they are on unconscious level. I focus on your gifts, abilities and also help you to redirect you how to get to them and in what way. I also focus on what you are meant to do or be.
  2. Sharing with you your own limitations and struggles – you might already know them, but astrology can share with you so much more such as:  why exactly are you struggling, how to shift your struggle, where to start with healing. Or where those limitations come from. Then I help you with how to go above limitations and transcend them into your greatest powers.
  3. I check your current energy activities – where the energy of the planets are focused in this moment – in which area of your life. This is very important part of session which reveals the movement of your life. What are those current energies teaching you, sharing with you and what do they want from you. I tackle the most important personal aspects. If you are dealing with the disease, then we tackle the current energies and I connect them with your healing disease.

Each part lasts 20 min except if you prefer to focus only on one part (1,2 or 3 described above).

*I do not predict your future. Because the future is defined based on your personal choices you make in this moment. Every limitation or struggle that you have been born with can be transformed, healed and changed.

What do I need from you for our session?

  • date and year of your birth,
  • exact time of birth – very important. I do not work without exact time of birth.
  • city and country where you have been born.

Time duration: 60 min

As soon as you purchase the session, you receive the link which redirect you to booking calendar. Choose the date and hour of session. Then send me data on


About my astrology journey

Reading the astrology to people was not something that I planned to do. It just happened through the years, very naturally, when I was struggling with my life. I have learned to read the astrology chart in a way that is always very helpful for every human being.

I focus on what lies in you, what is demanded from your life and what kind of treasures wants to express through you. You might know a lot about yourself or nothing, but what you may discover in my session might pleasantly surprise you in many different ways.

My teacher of astrology is life itself. I have learned the astrology aspects, powers of planets with the help of my and my sisters life experiences and challenges. And realized that reading the astrology naturally aligns with me. The feeling is like that I have already done that in some previous life or preparing for this life. I have also been witnessing how  my readings helps someone to understand him/her self better which truly inspires me.

I do not predict the future for you. If I would predict in my past the future for myself, then I would not be able to be who I am today. I went beyond a lot of limitations, beerier written in astrology because I have learned to read astrology from a deeper level. Deeper approach to astrology changes everything. I have also realized that life give us those limitations to go deeper in order to transcend any difficulties into living the best, fulfilled and healthy life.