Astrology session
Astrology session

Welcome to the Skype astrology session in which I dedicate my focus to your personal chart.

Astrology session with me is dedicated to you in following way:

  1. I explore your natal chart and share with you your greatest gifts, powers, abilities that lies in you - they might be in front of your eyes and you cannot see them. Or they are deeply berried within you. Usually that means that they are on unconscious level. I focus on your gifts, abilities and also help you to redirect you how to get to them and in what way. I also focus on what you are meant to do or be.
  2. Sharing with you your own limitations and struggles - you might already know them, but astrology can share with you so much more such as:  why exactly are you struggling, how to shift your struggle, where to start with healing. Or where those limitations come from. Then I help you with how to go above limitations and transcend them into your greatest powers.
  3. I check your current energy activities - where the energy of the planets are focused in this moment - in which area of your life. This is very important part of session which reveals the movement of your life. What are those current energies teaching you, sharing with you and what do they want from you. I tackle the most important personal aspects. If you are dealing with the disease, then we tackle the current energies and I connect them with your healing disease.
Each part lasts 20 min except if you prefer to focus only on one part (1,2 or 3 described above).

*I do not predict your future. Because the future is defined based on your personal choices you make in this moment. Every limitation or struggle that you have been born with can be transformed, healed and changed.

What do I need from you for our session?

  • date and year of your birth,
  • exact time of birth - very important. I do not work without exact time of birth.
  • city and country where you have been born.

Time duration: 60 min

As soon as you purchase the session, you receive the link which redirect you to booking calendar. Choose the date and hour of session. Then send me data on

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Calming your thoughts
Calming your thoughts
Duration: 14 min 50 sec Delivery: Immediate MP3 Download - Worldwide (Audio download)

Are you challenged by people or situations constantly? Do you find yourself being stressed and not being able to "switch off your thoughts"? Are you exhausted all the time? Do you struggle to calm yourself down and see your life more clearly? Do you find yourself not being centered, calm and focused? Or you feel fearful all the time for no reason or specific reason? Do you want to feel joyful, but you are too stressed?

This guidance is a helpful tool to solve daily challenges, emotional turbulence and to tap into the present moment or, so to speak stillness. Calming your thoughts is the only way to tap into center of self and expand your strength to tackle any challenging daily situation. Whatever the challenge is, having calm mind is also a key to act, behave and live your life from the power of your essence.

I have found this practice as most important practice or thing to do during the day. Even more important then going to work because it saves you from dreadful way of living. That is why I have created this guidance to help you step out of any misery.

Daily practice of this guidance expands your stillness, calms your mind and helps you approach to your challenges with clarity, stability and empowered actions. Implement this practice 1-2 times a day.

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Healing guided meditation
Healing guided meditation

(Audio download)

How many times have you tried to make a change in your life and it just haven't happened yet? How much have you tried to forget about some past traumatic experience, but they still haunt you? Or how long  is now since you have tried to break free from disease, toxic relationships, grief, nightmares, resentments, family issues, abuse, negative thinking, ego challenges, confusion or to find what is your fulfilling path in your life?

If we do not go to the root of our suffering, we are going to try to break free from suffering for the rest of our life. All suffering is gripped by our inner wounds which are stuck in the unconscious state. When we approach them only with a drop of awareness, they cannot be pulled out. It is impossible because we need a deeper and expanded awareness or, so to speak expanded healing power. Only a deep meditation can dig so deep and pull out the strongest inner wounds which manifest suffering.

What I have discovered through the course of self-healing, awakening process is the significance of right meditation. So I have created a meditation which provides a deep healing from within. What you have been trying to solve or heal, now you can dissolve with the help of this meditation.

This guided meditation is for anyone who wants to go on the road to change and forever dissolve suffering. A change is not immediate after first use of meditation, but happens gradually. It can become your savior, best friend and the biggest helper for the rest of your life if you choose to implement it on a daily basis.

Duration: 40 min 10 sec

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Private session with Suzana
Private session with Suzana

Are you struggling with your life or health?

Did you find yourself in the mud, without help, support or tool to break free from suffering? Is your disease your biggest challenge and you cannot find a solution for healing? Maybe have others gave up on your health or you have already tried everything and nothing have worked? Are your relationships abusive, disrespectful or are you struggling with loneliness? Maybe you are dealing with extremely challenging nightmares, being bullied, people attack you from nowhere, etc?

Or maybe your self-healing journey triggers questions and you need answers or some guidance?

Whatever your struggle is, I am here to help you connect to your inner healing power and guide you. For every issue, no matter how difficult is, there is always a solution. Your healing power has the infinitive and unimaginable strength that can heal and solve anything - even the most difficult suffering.

In this private session with Skype we are going to look at your personal struggle or questions you might have. Then what I do is guide you how you approach to your personal struggle, where you need to start, where your energy is leaking, what you might not see what is truly happening, etc. Once you understand the message of your suffering we move on to guidance, exercises, tips which lead you to healing your suffering. I teach you how you use those tools and how you implement them in your life.

This is a general preview how the session looks like because each individual have a slight different issue which leads to various approaches and tone of the session.

I look forward to guiding you to the light and healing.


duration time: 60 min 

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