Sexual energy, healing and relationships

I. My sister’s example:  blocked – unbalanced – sexual energy

One of the first signs of blocked sexual energy within her body appeared in very young age when she started to pee in her bed. Another sign appeared as peeing in her pants while making presentation in school. Also, if she laughed hard, holding peeing was almost impossible. Although nobody gave those signs attention in her early childhood troubles, these were already first big signs. Inner blockades within her energy field were already blocking her normal functions on the genital area. Once within us a blockade covers our genital area, the body cannot function normally anymore.

Beside peeing issue, later in her adulthood it also restricted her to have normal and serious relationship. She had a few relationships and all of them were short and with almost no intimacy. Later on, through the process of self-healing, she described me how she also never felt a real need to have a sexual intercourse. There was no desire and sexual drive within her body because of the blockade on her genital area. Because of that she could not experience pure sexual energy or any conscious relationship.

Those inner energy blockages also prevented her to become aware of powerful inner female sensuality. When sexual portal blocks, it also remove us from creativity and true inner joy. All those areas in our life becomes unbalanced and under-active. So Karmen felt deep suffering because she could not attracted in her life balanced and serious relationship. She also could not discover her creativity to express herself at work or anywhere else.

Reflection of unbalanced sexual energy:

Now lets take a look at difficulties she was facing in different areas of her life;


  • not feeling the sexual energy within her body;
  • not attracting serious relationship;
  • without serious, balanced relationship;
  • older she got, less opportunities arose to meet somebody;
  • rare sexual intercourse, all of them empty, cold and without respect;
  • unemotional;


  • not being able to hold peeing at night (when being a child);
  • peeing in pants when she laugh;
  • injuries on the genital areas – at skiing, while working out;
  • enormous menstrual cramps after the age of 27;
  • hormonal imbalance;


  • sensuality and expression of feminine energy completely blocked;
  • feeling sensual towards herself and her body not known to her;
  • she looked very feminine but vibrated a man qualities;

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II. My personal experience – misused sexual energy

Compared to my sister Karmen’s blocked sexual energy, I was complete opposition. In my young years, I was already very eager and interested into sexuality. Unbalanced sexual energy was already controlling my mind very soon. I was feeding sexual desires through my thoughts that became gradually excessive. But then I have also experience a time period with no sexual desires at all. This one lasted about 2 years.

And after those two years it has turn around again to even more uncontrollable and unbalanced sexual relationships. After the age of 25 sexual force became an inner obsession. I became addicted to sex and with no strength to control it anymore. My sexual blockade has awakened strongly, then flew through my thoughts and completely feed my attention. Mental images and excessive thinking overpowered me. It fed my desires uncontrollably.

With the impact of this unbalanced sexual energy, I confused healthy relationship with sexuality. I could not see relationships clearly because the inner sexual wound was leading my life. It cut me off from respectful, meaningful and conscious relationships. It cut me also from my creativity, to live in a present moment and it prevent me to focus on what I truly want to do in my life. Nurturing my thoughts and emotional desires took over my main focus.

I was deeply suffering until I went into a self-healing awakening process. I became finally free with balanced sexual energy. It freed me on so many different levels and it will also freed you.

Reflection of unbalanced sexual energy:

Below I share with you how my unbalanced sexual energy affect me and my life:


  • excessive sexual desire that controlled my life;
  • stimulation of mental sexual images;
  • not having balanced relationship;
  • attracting partners with the same unbalanced sexual energy or complete opposition;
  • after the age of 29 not being able to attract any relationship;


  • constant pains in lower back;
  • kidney troubles;
  • menstrual cramps arising in the lower back area;
  • irregular menstrual periods;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • infertility,
  • enlarged left ovary;
  • cracking right hip;
  • bladder issues;


  • over emotional;
  • find it hard to associate with other people;
  • not feeling joyful;
  • creativity was not being able to express it self;
  • depression;

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