Sacral chakra | Your feelings, Sensitivity, True joy, Creativity, Sexuality

Sacral chakra | Your feelings, Sensitivity, True joy, Creativity, Sexuality

Basics of your sacral chakra:

  • Sacral chakra is located a little bit below the navel;
  • Sacral chakra begins to awaken and clearing by imaging bright orange color.
  • Mantra: Vam
  • Location: 1-2 cm below the navel;
  • In order to fully experience opening of sacral chakra, I recommend you to meditate on all of the 7 basic chakras in one meditation.

Open sacral chakra:

  • you are in touch of your feelings;
  • sexual energy is open and balanced;
  • you are deeply connected to sensuality;
  • creativity is unique expression of your inner Being;
  • inner joy is part of your every day life;
  • you are feeling worthy and non-judgmental to yourself;
  • you  are happy, with no fear;
  • healthy, sexual relationship;
  • past childhood trauma dissolves from your memories;
  • lightness and playfulness (no matter how old are you);
  • harmonious connection with children;
  • open to opposite sex;
  • female and male energy are in harmony (whether you are a male or female”;

 Blocked sacral chakra:

  • you become blocked from emotions, sexual energy, sensitivity, sensuality, creativity, joy,…
  • too emotional, reactive, fearful towards opposite sex;
  • past trauma hunt you – You attract unhealthy relationships or not being able to attract relationships at all;
  • past difficulty experiences influence your way of living – closing down;
  • not valuing yourself;
  • full of shame;
  • being rejected in sexuality;
  • suppressed desires;
  • sexual fantasies, sexual addiction, over imaginative about sexuality, addiction to pornography;
  • desire to hide;
  • guilt;
  • hiding or controlling emotions;
  • denial of pleasure;
  • overeating;
  • desire to hide;

Some basic health problems:

Fertility issues, menstrual problems, sexual addiction, cystitis, kidney issues, prostates disease, candida, impotency, bladder issues, pre-menstrual syndrome..

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