Private counseling session with Suzana


Private session with Suzana Trnovsek

Private counseling session: via Skype

Time duration: 60 min – 180 min

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Language: English or Slovenian

Live session with Suzana via Skype

Start with the most powerful and healing transformation through private counseling session with Suzana in which you receive:

  • solutions for your personal challenge / suffering / disease;
  • right and healing approach to free and heal yourself;
  • practical tools to awaken a powerful healing;
  • teaching to connect to your inner healing power;
  • practices that are specific for your challenge / suffering / disease;
  • pointers, tips to free yourself in your challenging situation;
  • answers on your questions;

Practices in live session

Practices which are presented to you by Suzana:

  • connect you to your own essence of strength and healing power from within;
  • you apply and conquer exercises by practicing with Suzana in the live session;
  • lead you within to become your own master of healing yourself;
  • apply to your personal challenge / suffering / disease;

You will learn how to:

  • Connect to magical healing power within and heal illness / disease;
  • Free yourself from any kind of suffering or challenges;
  • Discover and connect to your inner strength;
  • Break free of mind identification and emotional challenges;
  • Become peaceful, serene and discover the magic that lies within you;
  • Discover how you can heal any challenge with your inner aliveness that lies within you;
  • Balance your life and health;
  • Reveal your true self and live in the harmony;

Available options for private counseling sessions with Suzana:

  • 1 x 60 min session;
  • 2 x 60 min session – 25% off;
  • 3 x 60 min session + GIFT “Healing planner” – 100% off (Value of personal healing planner: 1.000$). This option of free gift is available only until 31/12/2017.


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Read more about Personal Healing Planner


Healing planner is:

  • personalized;
  • composed and written by Suzana Trnovsek;
  • composed based on your personal situation / challenge / disease / struggling / illness to heal yourself;
  • personifies the whole process of self-healing to heal yourself fully with your own inner healing power.

What healing planner does

Healing planner:

  • helps you to go through the self-healing process, efficiently, with ease and sense of supportive guidance;
  • guide you through every day struggles, challenges, dark situations, being stuck, sick…;
  • introduce you to the specific tools for you to use them in order to heal your health or any other struggles and unhappiness;
  • it shows you how you approach to healing tools in a structured way;
  • reminds you the importance of going within with reminders;
  • guide you through your whole process of self-healing to free yourself;

Intention of personal healing planner

The meaning and intention of having personal healing planner is to:

  • take your life and health in your own hands with your own inner healing power;
  • experience powerful transformation of life and health;
  • expand your healing power to extend where the suffering and diseases loose its power;
  • become aware of your own healing power and magnificence;
  • approach to your challenging situation in healing – empowered way;
  • learn the healing approaches;
  • reveal for yourself your own magic within;

Healing planner consists

  • Practical tools with helpful guidance by Suzana;

Each healing tool holds personal guidance, insights and pointers for your personal situation;

  • Each written tool consist:

Suzana’s insights, helpful tips, advice for your personal situation;

  • Additional exercises;

Special created, prepared just for you and your personal challenge/s;

  • Reminders connected to your challenges;

Suzana exposes specific challenges and reminders to you: what to do and approaches to current situation in healing – empowered way;

  • Exposed healing exercises;

Each exercise creates strong healing impact and is exposed with additional reminders;

  • Time helper;

Time helper does not try to change your time and schedule during the day. But it helps you to know, understand and learn how do you start to use planner and when is it time to add additional exercise in planner.

  • Challenge helper;

Each time you face the challenge, planners reminders, additional exercises, pointers helps you go through challenge in a healing and transformative way;

How do you receive healing planner:

To create a healing planner, 3 personal counseling sessions with Suzana via Skype are necessary:

  • First session

It is all about introducing to Suzana your challenge / struggle / disease etc and receiving guidance, teaching etc. Read more in details introduction of Skype consultation HERE.

  • Second session

Includes personal questionnaire that helps Suzana compose effective and personalized healing planner. Questionnaire covers different aspects of your life which Suzana feels are important for your situation. It also means that questionnaire is not general but composed after the first session;

  • Third session

Contains introduction of your planner, going through tools and practice of exercises, so you conquer them fully until the end of the last (3rd) session.

Healing planner does not

  • control your own decisions or try to change them – but it presents you a healing plan that includes your own free will;
  • include goals – but helps you tune with self-healing process with ease and help;
  • guide you into external world – it means that you are introduced to your true self in many different ways from within. Planner does not consist and guidance to reach for something external. But teaches you how to transform yourself, life and health with your own inner healing power;

Healing planner is also not time oriented – it does not include months, weeks, days or hours;

Healing planner is made for:

  • 6 months healing period – This is a general period where a lot of healing and changes takes places by using healing planner on a regular basis. After 6 months new additional help, guidance, rejuvenation of healing planner usually needs to proceed…


Choose a private counseling session with Suzana:
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