Private counseling session with Suzana


Private session with Suzana Trnovsek

Private counseling session: via Skype

Time duration: 60 min – 180 min

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Language: English or Slovenian

Live session with Suzana via Skype

Start with the most powerful and healing transformation through private counseling session with Suzana in which you receive:

  • solutions for your personal challenge / suffering / disease;
  • right and healing approach to free and heal yourself;
  • practical tools to awaken a powerful healing;
  • teaching to connect to your inner healing power;
  • practices that are specific for your challenge / suffering / disease;
  • pointers, tips to free yourself in your challenging situation;
  • answers on your questions;

Practices in live session

Practices which are presented to you by Suzana:

  • connect you to your own essence of strength and healing power from within;
  • you apply and conquer exercises by practicing with Suzana in the live session;
  • lead you within to become your own master of healing yourself;
  • apply to your personal challenge / suffering / disease;

You will learn how to:

  • Connect to magical healing power within and heal illness / disease;
  • Free yourself from any kind of suffering or challenges;
  • Discover and connect to your inner strength;
  • Break free of mind identification and emotional challenges;
  • Become peaceful, serene and discover the magic that lies within you;
  • Discover how you can heal any challenge with your inner aliveness that lies within you;
  • Balance your life and health;
  • Reveal your true self and live in the harmony;

Available options for private counseling sessions with Suzana:


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