Practice for grounding

Practice for grounding

Grounding yourself and your body is one of very important part of your life that needs your daily attention.


Grounding helps you to

– activate an inner healing from the ground;

– reveal your own limitation and ego behaviors;

– explore  with your awareness thought, emotional and unconscious level;

– recognize the truth from illusion;

– calm your mind and reveal your true self;

– step into the challenges with stability and being centered;

– root you in the now fully;

– stop following the ego and step into your being;

– align with state of stability, being humble, fearless, feeling save and very calm.


But as me and my sister have discovered, walking barefoot on the grass to ground yourself is not enough. But we need daily grounding practice.





This is the practice that I recommend you to do the most often as you can. If you cannot do this practice, then use the second one.

1. Go to the nature in the place where you can find a lot of trees. You need to spend 60 minutes in your nature.

2. Take a walk in the nature for about 15 minutes and be aware of your feet stepping in the ground.

3. Now find your favorite position and sit or stand. I have always preferred to sit, but my sister has preferred to stand.

4. Once you are comfortable, place your full attention to your feet fully and hold attention there for 30 minutes.

5. Ground yourself with this practice 3-4 times a week. In the beginning of awakening my sister had been grounding herself at least 6 times a week in nature. Life wanted from her to go for help to the nature because she was carrying within her very heavy energies. And she needed a lot of healing. If you feel that you want to visit nature more then 3-4 times a week, then do not hesitate.


Explanation of practice:

-Practice takes place in the nature because nature has the extremely high state of consciousness. Its presence is so powerful that can help to heal any difficult disease.  It takes about 15-30 minutes to calm your mind and to experience the healing from nature. The practice does not have such as deepest healing when your mind is active. That is why you need to be in the nature 60 min.

-Once you are able to give your full attention to your feet it means you mind has calmed down. That usually takes about 15-20 min. Sometimes even more if the mind stimulation of identification is strong.

-When you feel the stillness in you, your attention in your feet creates a conscious space and opens itself to the consciousness of nature. Nature s energy then penetrates through your feet, starts with healing and simultaneously grounding. You feel it as strong sensations, pleasant pulling of energy, vibrations in your feet or some sensations also in the other part of your body.

-You can obviously feel the difference when you mind calms down in the nature. Suddenly you feel relaxed, still and enjoy in the nature. Nature seems different, more beautiful then ever. Why? Because you see now the nature from the state of your being.



Use this practice when you cannot go to the nature or you are limited in any kind of way to visit the mother nature.

1. Make yourself comfortable. Sit in your comfortable chair or lye in your bed. Usually we are sitting or lying in our bed. As we feel at that moment.

2. Take a three deep breaths in and out.

3. Now place your full attention to your both feet and hold attention there for at least 20 minutes.

4. Feeling the tingling sensation or vibration on your feet is a sign that you are grounding yourself and healing. If you do not feel any sensations, continue with practice and gradually sensations will arise.

5. Ground yourself with this practice every day.


Explanation of practice

-This practice also ground you, but because you are awakening the grounding by itself (and not with the help of nature), I recommend you to ground yourself every day;

-Deep breaths that you do help you to calm your mind. If you have difficulties to focus on your feet, then take a deep breath in and out again.

-Once you are fully focused on your feet, sensation awakens and mind cannot work. If you notice yourself thinking, then gently place your attention back to your feet.




If you did not feel safe next to your parents, then your inner emotional pain of not feeling safe blocks you from being grounded. This is only one example. The harder your childhood, the most uprooted you become and it creates enormous suffering.

As you experience any type of unsupported surroundings, you experience emotional suffering. Whether you feel it or not in that moment. That emotional pains locates itself in the area from the hips down, through the whole legs. That emotional pain prevents to your being (consciousness) and body to root itself to the mother earth and cannot fully express itself on this planet Earth. Also it causes the further suffering, diseases and increases the inner emotional pains.


Regular grounding is needed to:


– heal the emotional pains that actually uproot you and

– experience the manifestation of consciousness at its fullness;

– maintain and/or gain the aliveness in your body – to have and experience of enormous energy. That means also never to feel tired.


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