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The intention of personal help is to get closer to your personal problems and to help you heal it.

I touch your problem by exploring it in detail in helping you to heal it completely. I ask a few questions that help me to reveal where the cause is, where it comes from, etc. My questions depend on your personal problem at a given moment. Through the conversation with you, I devote myself to everything I need and what you need to help you.

Then I help you explain why you are facing your problem and how to approach it. All the approaches and solutions I present to you are very practical and understandable. At the same time I teach you how to use these approaches.

Personal assistance is a great opportunity to trust me with the problem and discover that there really is a way and solution for it.

Every problem is solvable. Even yours, no matter how big or "different" it is.

Welcome / Welcome.

Suzana Trnovsek


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Consultation with: Suzana Trnovsek

Time duration: 60 minutes

Price: 50$

Type of consultation: Skype or Facebook video messenger


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