Open yourself to vulnerability

Open yourself to vulnerability

Vulnerability is often interpreted as weakness. From the ego perspective vulnerability is weak, powerless energy that you need to escape or hide from. So the ego seeks the other approaches to escape from the vulnerability. Below you can find my and my sisters example in what way ego can hide vulnerability:

I always wanted people to see me as strong, so I acted as being confident, secure about myself, although I felt within me fearful, very vulnerable, scared and lonely. I was very aware of all my emotions, but I hide if from other people by acting as being strong. But when I was alone and no one saw me, I was feeding from those emotions by being depressed, sad, feeling lonely and draining in the story of my life. The only person that knew my actual emotional state was my sister Karmen. She saw my emotional side that has been very often also reactive, aggressive, nervous and depressed with very low energy.

On the other side, my sister Karmen was the complete opposite of me. She has run away from her vulnerability. Not only that she did not allow people to see her emotions, but also she did not allow herself to feel the emotions. She was rejecting the vulnerable side away from her to the point where she completely stopped to feel her inner pains. Her inner pains are here referred as sadness, anger, resentments, etc. Later on, she was not aware of her emotions anymore. That also meant that gradually she did not feel joy and happiness as well. Years later she stopped also smiling. Karmen became stuck in her life and started to ask herself why her life is not changing and evolving in the desired way. Also diseases and Illnesses as consequence appeared in her life.

As you can see based on my and Karmens example, we were both running away from the vulnerability but both in a different way. Both examples are unbalanced way of living. Both examples create suffering and illnesses / diseases in our life. But life can drastically shift and heal, when you approach to vulnerability with the conscious way, whether you are being drained in the emotions or you are not aware of your emotions. Our vulnerability is actually the space that holds our inner emotional wounds / scars. Until you are running away from those wounds, you cannot heal them. If you are being drained in those wounds you are feeding them and not healing them. That is why it is important to open to those wounds with your presence, so that the healing can begin. And today I am sharing with you powerful approaches that will help you to:

  • open yourself to vulnerability in the empowered, conscious way;
  • heal those wounds in the way that they dissolve forever and
  • to heal the wounds that creates diseases / illnesses and suffering.


STEPS to open yourself to vulnerability

and heal the wounds

1. “How do I feel?” or “What do I feel?”

are the question that you need to ask yourself every single day, many times throughout the day. When you ask yourself that question, I recommend you to be alone in silence and listen with alertness. By asking yourself that question you redirect your focus to your inner body and becoming gradually more aware of your inner state. The vulnerability awakens always by feeling the emotional wound / scar. If you are not aware of your emotions, they will come to the surface gradually by regularly using of all the 5 basic tools to heal yourself. This is a process so it takes time.

2. “How do I feel?” ask yourself when you are challenged

This is one of the most powerful moments for healing when you ask yourself “How do I feel?” while you are challenged. When we are challenged through people, situations and / or diseases, then the opportunity to feel the vulnerability of emotional scar appears. Instead of focusing on the challenge by blaming, reacting, judging,… ask yourself this powerful question. With that question you redirect your focus within. Instead giving your power away you give it to yourself. Your inner power stays within you. By asking yourself a question and giving your inner body attention, you can feel your true vulnerability.

In order to redirect focus within and not being reactive when you are challenged, your presence and alertness are needed. Use and practice all of 5 basic tools which will help you to heal yourself. So when you feel your emotional wounds, you can then heal it. And here comes the next step.

3. Allow yourself to feel vulnerable

Surrender and allow to feel what you are feeling, even though you might feel so small, worthless, powerless, weak, angry, nervous, fearful or in a bad mood…. Those are yours wounds that can be healed only by you allowing them to feel and not feel bad about it. Now, when the challenge comes in your life, it is more challenging to allow yourself to feel vulnerable. But when you give the wounds your conscious space, you allow your life and body to heal and unfold from within.

4. Hold the space for your wounds

When you feel the emotions, hold the space for them by observing them and not reacting to them. By not reacting on emotional wound means that you do not feed from the story of your wound. You do not get into the story that is playing within your emotional state and thoughts. Instead, you observe your story by being in the background as conscious space. You can help yourself by focusing on your breathing.

Step out of the bubble of your wounds, suffering and consciously heal it by being present. When you hold the space for your wounds you are healing them enormously.

5. Stillness

When emotional wounds dissolve, the stillness and peacefulness awakens. You feel the shift from within. That is because the lower vibration(wound) has been dissolved. And it can be dissolved only when you open yourself to vulnerability and learn to approach it in a conscious way.

Some wounds are more challenging and will need a lot of your presence, conscious awareness and deepening then others. But by being present, the consciousness expands, increases its power which pushes out of the body the wound, even the darkest ones and dissolve them for ever.

That is the power of opening yourself to your vulnerability. Vulnerability is the portal to amazing healing. It becomes powerful when you learn to use it and when you allow yourself to be in touch with it.

Suzana Trnovsek

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