Online Seminars with Suzana:

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Title: Process of healing through Opening & Balancing chakras

Price: 54.00$ (One time Payment, immediate & 24/7 access)
Number of videos: 1
Summary minutes: 1 hour 16 min 49 sec
Teaching: Suzana Trnovsek – self-healing teachings

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Some of the topics on the seminar

“Process of Opening & Balancing chakras”:

How the process of healing is happening, what symptoms and changes are experienced through meditation and in your daily life. How are blockades related to chakras and your life. What are our often struggles – Sensations and examples. Magic that happens through the process.

How Un-manifested level, emotional level, external level, body and mental state responds to the process. About magic coming through you. My personal experiences and guidance. And so much more.

I go into every detail with practical teaching on the process of opening and balancing chakras. You will receive everything that you need so that your self-healing process will be easier, guided, empowered and stronger.