Obsessive sexual thoughts

Obsessive sexual thoughts


Obsessive sexual thoughts derives as the result of awakened emotional pain located on the genital area. This emotional pain, once awakens, its energy travels all the way to your mind and causes different sexual obsessive thoughts. Also mental pictures, different sexual scenarios which are irresistible at that moment. You do not have the power to stop them and if you resist them, they persist. But also causes suffering because they control and use you. They are as magnet from which you cannot get out of them, even if you want unless you start to awaken from your own suffering.



1.Step: Once obsessive thoughts arises, place your attention to your breathing and breathe loudly. The most important is that you hear your breathing. It does not matter if in that moment you cannot control your sexual thoughts, because focusing on your breathing increases your state of awareness, which is your inner strength and healing power. Breathe loudly as long as obsessive thoughts are stimulated.

2.Step: Now see if you are able to place your full attention to the genital area and hold attention there. When you place attention to your genital area, you cut the link of energy that goes to your obsessive stimulated thoughts. So, placing your full attention to your genital area stops your thinking process. Hold it there as much as you can and practice it every time obsessive thoughts rises. Gradually, those thoughts will loose its strength, because now you are healing the cause, the emotional wound on the genital area which causes you to have stimulated thoughts.


First step is necessary for all beginners. Then follow the second step. But the basic foundation to give you strength and awareness to increase the healing and help you with these practices described above are these 5 basic and the mos important practices to use on a daily basis.



– Not being successful every time at using practices described above is completely normal in the beginning. The pain within you is at that moment stronger than your awareness. So do not blame yourself and think that you are not successful. Just continue with practicing and gradually, you are going to be able to execute practices.

– Being persistent is key to heal your emotional wound on the genital area. Be aware that the cause comes from emotional suffering which lies in the genital area. So that part of your body suffers and can cause some type of other issues. Such as lower back pains, physical pains in the genital area, being uprooted, blather problems, hips problems etc. Also it can create challenging situations in the relationships and at work.



Be patient when it comes to healing and using exercises on a regular basis. I have realized that practices are an amazing tool which finally bring us to freedom. Gradually you become conscious to the extend where the obsessive sexual thoughts do not use YOU anymore. And this is the point where you can see and feel the progress.

Also, when my emotional wound was healing at the last stage, it was the most difficult. Because sexual force had its peak of the sexual intensity and obsessive sexual thoughts. So what I did at its peak is focus on loud breathing and next day, I started finally to experiencing an enormous improvements and changes. Be consistent(every day) and never give up with practices. You will come to the results.



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