Astrology – The power of your personal/natal Saturn

Astrology – The power of your personal/natal Saturn

The planet Saturn is one of the planets that many people hate or dislike. But what they do not realize is that planet Saturn can bring the biggest transformations. That is why I am here to present you the Saturn from the deeper level and share with you what the energy of Saturn is helping you to be.

The power of your personal (natal) Saturn

Each human being has a connection with the planet Saturn. This is the almighty Saturn that teaches you the lessons of where your greatest stability lies. But first it teaches you the lessons of your instabilities and where your deepest fears are lying. The planet Saturn presents such a deep, stable and firm energy that you just cannot fight against it. It helps you to remove yourself from constant doing(stop doing) and redirects your focus inward (to look at your life from internal level). That is why it slows down the process of your external life. Because it wants you to look within and do the work that brings you the greatest rewards.

What kind of rewards you may ask yourself? Lets take a look at one example. Saturn can teach you the lessons of value (Natal Saturn in your second house). You might work hard, but you do not get the promotion or appreciation that you deserve. Or you might want a relationship, but you are experiencing disrespect. However you try your best to feel worthy or get the appreciation, you just cannot receive it. Why is that? Planet Saturn is helping you to realize that within you is deep seeded hurt connected to worth, value, fears that disconnect you to feel worthy. And you cannot move forward or experience the worth, because you vibrate it on the internal level.

So what this example is presenting you is to stop yourself from trying so hard. Instead face with your own inner wounds, blockades, fears and learn to heal the hurt from within. Stop pushing so hard externally and explore the levels that uncovers the true worth.

Lifting the blockades on your path

When you learn to work with Saturn, you are on the road of lifting the blockades in front of your path that prevented you to live freely and happy life. You lift the biggest limitations which unlocks the door to the greatest stability. If we look at the example described above, the greatest reward would be feeling the deepest worth.  The worth that is not possible to describe with words, but is the state of your deepest self. Then doing becomes grounded, worthy, deep, real and rewarding on all levels.

Learning how to work and flow with Saturn is crucial here. Truly crucial because it demands a lot of “being present” practices and acceptance. Saturn is the father and presenter of power of now. And when you conquer the practices of now, the barriers are lifted forever. From deepest karmic suffering you change the life into rooted life. The root energy center within you becomes the foundation force, strength and stability for every area of your life. You become deeply present in every situation. You have finally arrived in your true home – your inner home.

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