How to meditate correctly on “Opening and balancing chakra” meditation

How to meditate correctly on “Opening and balancing chakra” meditation

Today I want to share with you correct way and mistakes while meditating on “Opening and balancing chakras” meditation. What I have noticed is that right approach to this meditation brings even more enormous and stronger healing. And mistakes are part of evolving through our healing. So I want to expose them and help you with my personal tips.

Note: These instructions and tips are referring to “Opening and balancing chakras” meditation that I have created HERE. But it can also refer to similar meditations which includes mantras and guidance similar to the guidance that I use.

How to meditate on “Opening and balancing 7 basic chakras”:

  • Your focus needs to land on the part of your body where I am guiding you to

When I guide you to focus on certain part of the body, give your attention to that location. Once you give your attention there, hold it there, until I guide you to the next chakra location.

  • Repeating mantras

Repeating mantras correctly has a huge role on healing. Every time you pronounce name of mantra, you activate the energy center. So, if you pronounce for example: mantra LAM often and then focus enough, you are activating root chakra. Activating chakra announces healing and gradual opening.

  • Color visualizations – Yes or no?

It still amazes me how colors can also help with healing and opening chakras. But some people might struggle to imagine color while meditating. And that is normal. Therefore you can leave out color visualization when you are meditating and when your focus increases you include a color.

Mistakes that needs correction

Now I want to share with you some mistakes we can make while we are meditation on “Opening and balancing chakras” meditation. It is important to expose them to you, because correcting mistakes (if there is any) will make a huge difference and effect on your healing through opening the chakras.

  1. Mistake – Repeating mantras with a rhythm of breathing

Repeating mantras with a rhythm of breathing is a wrong way of repeating mantras. If you are observing breathing while repeating, it means that you will stay on a surface level of healing. In this way you are constantly in contact with your body and deeper stillness can not be experience. And help of higher energies entering through energies centers is not possible.

Of course breathing as a portal can help us to connect with our inner Being. But when it comes to the meditation “Opening and balancing chakras”, observing your breathing needs to exclude. The right way is repeating the mantras only in your mind.

  2. Mistake – Opening your mouth while repeating mantras

Repeating mantras and at the same time opening your mouth or moving tongue is another wrong way. Repeating mantra just in your mind is the right way to do it. You will feel increasing of your inner aliveness and higher energies entering within her through energy centers. Help of higher energies will awake even more intense healing.

  3. Mistake – Meditating regularly only on one chakra and neglect other ones

This is also one of the biggest mistakes and also damage that you can cause to yourself.

Our state of inner Being can be fully experience when whole 7 basic chakras are open and balance. Each chakra is a fragment of our inner Being which cannot express itself if there is no connection to other fragments. Although we have more than 7 chakras within our body, meditating on 7 basics, simultaneously balance also other ones. They are smaller and swirls with the rhythm of basic ones.

  4. Mistake – Not meditating on a regular basis

This is often mistake that a lot of people do.

They often quit when:

  • they do not see changes in their own goal oriented time;
  • life becomes rocky, challenging or something falls apart;
  • struggle to focus on certain chakra and cannot feel anything within their body;
  • other things feels more important or there is no time anymore;

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2 thoughts on “How to meditate correctly on “Opening and balancing chakra” meditation”

  • Hallo Sazanna,
    thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience so clearly and simply.

    It helps us not to be afraid to get consciously closer to our inner Being and healing

    power. thank you for sharing so much and so free.

    Blessings, Joachim

    • Dear Joachim,

      thank you for your kind and beautiful words.

      I am glad that your fear is loosing its strength with the help of our stories.

      Keep continue with inner journey so bravely.

      We send you lots of love and healing support <3


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