I have never gave a lot of attention to the official interpretation of word self-healing. Especially since this word came naturally and intuitively through me and my sisters mouth. As soon as our awakening process began, we even did not realized that we are in a self-healing process. But as soon as we began to experience healing of our health, stress and suffering, we realized that we are doing something extraordinary from within. In some moment here and there we said to each other: “We are healing ourselves. Can you believe that? We do not have anything externally available to us, but within us we are healing ourselves.” I cannot recall exact sentences that we repeat them more and more often. But the words “healing ourselves” appeared and then sort of naturally transmute into self-healing process. And that is how we named our teaching “Self-healing”.

Meaning of self-healing

I am not going to share with you formal interpretation of word self-healing, but I am going to share it through mine and behalf of my sister Karmen experience.

Self-healing is a pointer word which helps you to realize of your own healing abilities that can heal you from any difficult situation or disease. Self-healing points out that when you approach to your life with your self awareness by going within, life and health can than transform and heal.

If you relay only on external situations and hope that one day something will change, shift, heal and become better, your life becomes dreadful and hard. You feel stuck. Self-healing teaches you that you have ability within to heal yourself with your own awareness and transmute any dreadful and hard situation into harmonious.

Self-healing process

What happens when you start with self-healing process is that you give yourself your own attention within your body. You enter with your focus inside of your body. You give attention to your inner aliveness. You are the one that learn what is true for you and what is not. You are activating your own healing power. You are the one that light on the greatest healing power that exist on this planet. You are doing all of that by yourself and recognizing your own magnificence from within. And that is called self-healing. Self-healing takes you into exploring your deeper self, power of self (your inner healing power) so you can burn out any suffering and disease from within.

By healing with your own inner healing power that lies within you, external life and any illness then heals. What you are doing with self-healing process is transforming your health and life from within. Why within? Because all the suffering and illnesses always starts on the energetic level. The main inner pointers in your self-healing process are your emotion – emotional wounds, mind – ego mind and level of consciousness. Your external life is reflection of your inner state. Your inner energy field creates your life situations and health.

The power and solution for all the misery, lies within you. Not outside, but within your body where lies the precious essence of your own, which is infinitive power, deep love and powerful stillness . Life and health then mirrors you back what shines through you.

Suzana Trnovsek