Chakras Seminar
Is an One Time payment Powerful seminar that gives you everything that you need to make the process of transformation easier and powerful

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Process of Opening and Balancing chakras Video length for online seminar: 1 hour 16 min 49 sec.
3 Premium videos
only $84.00

1/3 - Stepping into the power of now during the day; Time Duration: 41 min 44 sec 2/3 - Stepping into the power of now while being challenged; Time Duration: 34 min 32 sec 3/3 - Visiting strong presence; Time duration: 18 min 44 sec
Practicing presence during the day
1 time payment   Time duration: 41 min 44 sec   Powerful video with step by step guidance that will connect you to the powerful moment now. In video you receive exercises that powerfully align you with the present moment and change the way you live.Do not forget that the changes, healing, manifestations, etc can happen only in the moment now. Now is the time for you to finally step into that moment.

Stepping into the now while challenged
One time payment

Time duration: 34 min 32 sec

I was forced to deal with different challenges through my process of awakening. I could not run away. So, I was able to discover my inner power while being challenged. While practicing stepping into the power, the challenge begins to lose its power, fades away and change the external life magically. In this premium video I guide you step by step on how to deal with challenges. Practical and powerful exercises will change your challenges into treasures when you practice it on a regular basis.

Visiting strong presence
One time payment

Time duration:18 min 44 sec

If you do not visit the strong presence - nature - in the right way, you will never experience the full potential of presence that nature can truly give you. Find out in the video how powerful is to visit strong presence in the correct way, Step by step exercises will help you to receive the strong presence of nature. Going to the nature is powerful, but approaching with the correct way is truly transforming.