Is your destiny predetermined or not?

Is your destiny predetermined or not?

How much is in your hands to change your life? Is your destiny predetermined? Or you have some “control” over? What can help us to get the answers? Would the answer help us in our life or not? Lets take a look.

One of the tools that bring us to the answers is an astrology. An astrology personal natal chart reveal us what we are here meant to do or be. We can see in astrology chart our greatest potentials, gifts, life purpose, powers, abilities etc. This is our most beautiful destiny when those potentials are expressed. On the other hand, we can also recognize our greatest limitations, restrictions, emotional wounds, unbalances etc. When we live from them, our destiny is different. But that can be changed.

If you approach to your limitations with your awareness, then you are opening the gate to the greatest potential of self expression. But if you resist your life and choose not to look within and face with your own limitation, then the predetermined destiny changes. When you have came here on the planet earth, you have been given a gift, called free choice. And you decide what your predetermined destiny will be by your choices that you make in your life.

Lets take a look at my sister’s (Karmen) and my personal example:

In the long years of strong suffering in every area of life, we came to the point where our doors became completely closed. We were deeply unhappy and sick. Then, life gave us the choice to go back to our parent’s house and face with past unresolved suffering. We had free choice what we are going to do. So our decision in the end was to go back to the “past” and face with deep emotional suffering that needed our awareness and healing.

After 3 years of self-healing, we have received a powerful and shocking message from life. In dreams my sister Karmen saw how our life would end in 2018. In her dreams she was passing the accident that she would be in. I was there also included as though I would die too. And weeks later I have received the message how would I die. My ending would be throat cancer. Few days later I have received a new dream message where I was told that I am cured of cancer. So, 3 years of healing the emotional hurt saved us from earlier death destiny and opened for us a different, fulfilling destiny.

As you see, there was one predetermined destiny that would happen if we would not want to face with suffering within us. That destiny did not come true, because we have decided to follow the doors that leads to the best version of self, which can be seen in the astrology natal chart. So new doors has opened and the most fulfilled destiny has started to rise.


You have a choice to change your life and destiny. Destiny in your life is predetermined and simultaneously is not. It changes by your choice.

Help yourself with astrology chart and follow to the life and planets lessons that will freed you and lead you to your greatest destiny.


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