How to express your emotions

How to express your emotions


Do you want to learn how to express your emotions in empowered way? Would you like to express your emotions? Is it always suitable to express your feelings? Or should you do something else? What defines the power of expressing yourself? Does the ego have to do anything with that? Or not?

Express your emotions

In this video I explain in details how to express your emotions in order the person to who you express your emotions to hears you. But if your own ego involves, then expressing your feelings is not a good choice.

Expressing your feelings is also the time of healing. But many people do not know when and how express themselves. Also what they usually do is react by judging and not expressing from their own hurt. Especially when they are being attacked or judged. As the result their own expression becomes their own biggest unhealed emotional hurt. Why? Because expressing your own truth with the awareness purely, heals the deep inner suffering. Reactions cause the opposite effect. It increases the suffering in you

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