How can astrology help you with healing

How can astrology help you with healing


One of very powerful tools to help you with healing is an astrology. Astrology can help you become aware of your karmic struggles, current challenges and what you are not conscious of. When you learn to work with astrology from the present moment, you are in the ride of powerful healing.

Help of astrology

In this video I present you several angles how astrology can help you in your life – especially in this moment. If you wait for some event to happen in the future, it might never come. Because the change can always happen only in the now. In the now you can change and transform your life.

The planets are energies which helps you in any aspect of your life. Even though it seems that they are slowing you down, there is a powerful reason for that. Many times we are slowed down, because we need some sort of protection. Often planets reveal us why something is changing in our life. But everything happens to help us awaken and become our own, pure version of self. The self as pure being. I describe more in this video.

But one of my advice to you would be following: do not wait the change to happen. But work with present planets energies, in the now, with your awareness. Then you can truly act from the moment now in any difficult situation.

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