Heart chakra | Needy for love, True inner love, Resentments, Hate, Compasion

Heart chakra | Needy for love, True inner love, Resentments, Hate, Compasion

Basics of your heart chakra:

  • Mantra: Jam
  • Location: in the middle of the chest area;
  • In order to fully experience opening of heart chakra, I recommend you to meditate on all of the 7 basic chakras in one meditation.

Open heart:

  • being social – you do not have a problem to socialize;
  • you become fully open and loving;
  • forgiving toward past or negative behavior of people – you see your life from the eyes of pure love;
  • compassionate towards everyone, everything and to yourself;
  • receptive for any type of abundance: compliments, money, gifts, help of people, beautiful life surprises;
  • conscious of beauty and love towards animals;
  • you become witness of your inner love healing your environment, family, relationships, illnesses…you discover the power of love on all the levels;
  • you appreciate yourself and give yourself a worth, value and put yourself on the first place in non selfish way. Putting the healthy, loving boundaries is natural to you;
  • you radiate honesty, sincerity and happiness;
  • open heart helps to break through the closed hearts of others;
  • merging with your state of your inner love transcend any difficult situation;
  • once love awakens, it liberates you;
  • attract serious and healthy relationship;
  • you attract soul relationship;
  • trustful in people;
  • you do not expect anything in return…you just love unconditionally;

Important: True inner, unconditional love is already within you – in your essence. Do not try to add love to yourself or force it. Because in essence, you are love. Start to heal the covered layers of inner pains on heart area. And gradually, feeling of love  will be revealed, experienced within you and all around you.

 Blocked heart chakra:

  • neediness;
  • rejection;
  • attach to people;
  • needy to be loved;
  • no abundance and compassion;
  • jealousy,
  • grief, resentments;
  • being cold to yourself and people;
  • social issues;
  • difficult to interact with anyone;
  • heart chakra associates with the moon, which presents feminine energy. So, it can affect your relationships with women (whether you are female or male) such as fights, coldness…
  • incapable of accepting the love of others;
  • taking things very personal;
  • hurt by rejection, once you gather a courage to open yourself. So, you close down yourself even more;
  • you withdraw into your inner shell;
  • detachment from emotions or you cannot feel any emotions;
  • fear of rejection;
  • not being able to attract balanced, harmonious relationship;
  • you vibrate heartlessness and people sort of avoid you and perceive you as cold;
  • depression and unhappiness;

Some basic health problems:

Breast cancer, circulation problems, lungs, bronchitis, asthma, cough, labored breathing, sleep disorder, fatigue, pain in lower arms and hands, chest congestion…

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