Healing meditation

Healing meditation



To choose a right meditation that does the inner healing work is really important:

Right meditation is the one that focuses you inside the body. When your focus is inside the body (inner body), your mind quiets down and your state of consciousness gets your nurturing. When you consciousness (who you truly are) gets the attention, it can grow, expand and heal any internal/external suffering.

Wrong meditation focuses you outside the body such as traveling to the other realms, traveling with your mind, traveling to angels etc. Focusing also on the future events while meditation is not correct. Both wrong ways uproot us, separate us from the now, cause even more dramas an suffering.




Healing meditation which balances your energy centers and is called “Opening & Balancing chakras” meditation

I specifically recommend you meditation that can be found on YouTube channel and is divided in two parts. But you need to meditate on both parts one after another.


Find amazing healing meditation that we recommend

here >> I.part & II.part

and start with healing

(meditate always on both parts, one after another in one meditation)




– meditate one time a day. Me and my sister Karmen, we meditate in the evening, before going to sleep. The same I recommend to you because after you go to sleep inner healing from the meditation healing continues. If you are not an evening person, then choose the time of the meditation which is the most suitable for you. Follow your instinct which always tells you what is best for you.

– use position for meditation: lying in bed, without pillow. Lye in bed, have your arms next to your body and slightly spreaded legs. Use your earphones and follow the guidance of recommended meditation. My body has been very fragile as consequences of many diseases and suffering. The only way I could meditate was by lying in my bed and I stayed in that position. I recommend to you the same position.

– do not expect meditation to be a certain way – Avoid to any expectations. Follow the guidance of recommended meditation and allow to feel any sensations that rises to the surface. If you need to go to pee while you are meditation, do not resist to the present moment. Go to pee. If your thoughts cannot calm down, allow that too. If you have issues with focusing, allow it. Allow anything and enjoy the journey of powerful healing. Do not try to achieve stillness, feeling of pure love or anything else. Stillness, love, joy etc awakens by itself when there is enough of consciouss space within you. And that space happens with regular meditation.




– 1 time a day, regularly. Regularly means every day.

Exclude meditation only when you are tired from healing meditation. It means that before you go to meditate you feel the tiredness to focus on chakras. In that case take a rest by skipping meditation and continue with meditating on the regular basis the next day.




– to meditate only on I. part of meditation (lower chakras) or II.part of meditation (higher chakras). The reason lies in connectivity of chakras that need help from each other. They work together as one.

– to meditate more than one time a day. This healing meditation is powerful and healing enough to do the necessary healing work. Meditating twice a day can be too much exhausting for your body and for you. Do not rush with healing, but more tune into divine process of inner healing that starts to happen.


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