How I healed negative (demon) energy stepping into my body

How I healed negative (demon) energy stepping into my body

Are you facing with horrific night experiences? Do you feel as though these experiences are almost demonic? Or you are convinced that experiences are actually demons? Do you feel as though someone is entering into your body and completely manipulate or control you? Are those energy scare you to the bones and hunt you every night? Lets take a look what is actually happening to you.

What you are actually experiencing is the wholeness of your deepest suffering that can be felt and experienced only at night. Why at night? Because night is the time where mind and all of your defense mechanism quiets down. So, the horrific experiences that you had in the past comes to the surface. It also means that your past must have been difficult and not healed with your awareness. I suggest you to watch this video in which I explain in more details and give your steps to start to heal your horrific experience here.

My soulmate sister Karmen had the same experiences as you. She sort of way survived the most difficult and challenging periods of her life. And find the way to heal those demonic experiences. Below is her brave story.

Read my sisters inspiring story:

I was around 25 years old. During the sleeping, I started to experience repeating unfamiliar sensations. It seemed as it was a dream state. But on the other hand it felt as very much awakened and real state. In this state suddenly loud man’s voice appeared, screaming and shouting at me. It felt like it is coming from my upper back area.The vibration of this voice was intense, horrifying, low, horrible, scary, violent, aggressive and dominant. It had an extremely negative power. I wanted to wake up from a seemingly bad dream, but I couldn’t. It had a strong power over me. It felt like as it is holding me in this state. And as though as I am not allowed and have the strength to come out. The battle between me and this powerful negative energy started.

I was screaming for somebody to help me. But there was no voice coming out of me. I felt powerless and weak, with no ability to scream for help. The battle with demonic energy ended immediately when I woke up. When I opened my eyes the energy disappeared. I felt frightened to my bones. The next night all happened again. This time the energy was even stronger and I also felt physical pain on my back area. So when I came out of this struggling, my back was in huge physical pain. For the next nights, the power of this energy quickly spread through my whole body.

Negative (demon) energy stepping into my body

One night the scariest feeling came through me. It felt like negative demon energy was stepping through my back into my body while I was sleeping. This was enormously painful. The energy was so much stronger and more powerful than me. It felt as negative, loud, screaming…It had a low vibration frequency, with bad intention, very scary and almost with unexplained weird sounds. When I got out of this state my whole back of the body was in huge pain. The closest words that I can describe this experience is feeling as would demons energy stepping into my body. Scary and at the same time even more frightening, because I became totally aware that this is happening for real.

I didn’t know what is happening to me. I was questioning: “What does this mean? Why me? How to deal with it?”

No solution

This regular horrifying experiences during the night pushed me so far that there was no vitality in me anymore. I did not sleep at all. I felt scared and exhausted. Suicidal thoughts started to arise in my mind. Thinking about jumping out of my balcony and finish with my life. This was the time when I did not want to live anymore. I simply didn’t have the energy to deal with these attacks of demons energy any longer.

Not demon energies

In just two weeks of intense self-healing dedication, the attacks have stopped. And they stopped forever. Of course, healing from within was not over, but the energy could not overpowering my essence anymore, as it did before. Step by step it crumbled with my expanded consciousness. Not only that, the strength within me has grown enormously.

Suzana came to the conclusions and revelations that these are NOT DEMON ENERGIES within our body, in the room or somewhere outside. I am very glad to tell you that you are not cursed. It appears as demon energy, but it is not.

Free of past wounds

What was causing those tense attacks were my past traumatic and also karmic wounds expressed and awakened while I was sleeping. Why at night? When we go to sleep, we are in a deep relaxing state. So, all the berried unconscious wounds can come at night without mind resistance fully to the surface and take over the light/body. It felt as though someone has entered in my body, but in fact the wounds were coming to the surface and covering my essence. That created illusion of someone entering from my upper back into my body.

So, when I started with self-healing process, those demon attacks at night stopped and resolved forever. Also my life has change drastically on so many levels. I became happy, joyful, happy and most of all FREE.

Now I am feeling free and healed. And I want that for you too.

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