How I healed Facial Paralysis | Karmen’s self-healing life story

Just one day after I I woke up in the morning I felt good, but something was still not right. There was pain on my face. I didn’t know if I have hit with my face somewhere through the night or what is happening. On the way to bathroom I looked myself in the mirror and there it was. Shockingly. Left side of my face has collapsed.

I could not close my left eye, I had sagging cheek and my forehead was numb. I could not move my eyebrow, left corner of my lip was lowered and I didn’t felt my left side of tongue. There was no taste and the face looked lifeless. I started to feel the pain in my left ear. Because I didn’t know what is going on, my sister Suzana went to check the symptoms on the internet. She did not find much about this disease except, that is not possible to cure it. But of course, she capt that for herself. What was recommended also is to visit a doctor and begin to cure it with medicines.

No one knew the real reason

So I went to the doctor. I got some strong medicines. Then signing the papers for not staying in the hospital and went home.

No one knew, even the doctor, what is the real reason behind this disease. Common cold was one of the possible reasons. But Suzana knew that it has to be a bigger reason behind that huge collapse of the face.

Healing Facial paralysis with medicines

First few weeks of healing with medicines were painful. In my ear and area behind it I felt the biggest pain. When the treatment with medicines was over, the pain even worsen.

My left side of the face after the medical treatment looked still the same, damaged, tired and lifeless. 3 weeks of prescript face physiotherapy helped me to get the face to 60% out of 100%. I was not satisfied. While I was eating, my left side of the lip still did not move properly. And in the cold days my face worsen for at least 15%.

Inner healing of Facial paralysis

Suzana became aware of the real reason why facial paralysis occurs in our life. Within our body are located inner blockades, wounds which are growing through the years and then overshadows our essence. Those kind of blockades, wounds can create in our early childhood years, others can be broth from past life experiences. Those blockades are growing through the years to the point where they start to damage our nerve system. Then the nerves cannot work normally anymore or as well as were before. The body shows us the symptom in the reflection as facial paralysis.

Then the process was very clear to Suzana. Healing of facial paralyses first requires inner healing of my wounds and blockades located within my body. Then stuck energy will dissolve and face repair. So, opening myself to inner self-healing process was necessary.

Today my face has healed. My face is now full of life and aliveness. Now, no more past suffering in my body is beautifully reflecting on my face, body and in my life. My face healed with my own inner aliveness, my body is now light and completely healthy. And my life feels more joyful, empowered, in peace and covered with love.

With Love and healing support,

Karmen Trnovsek / Self-healing with Suzana

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  1. Therese

    Thank you, Karmen for sharing your story and your journey of self-healing, and also for having the courage and willingness to look inward and be open to other possibilities for yourself. It is wonderful that you had the support of Suzana and were willing to take that journey to heal. Wishing you and Suzana a beautiful day filled with much love and many blessings…

    • Suzana Trnovsek

      Dear Therese. Thank you deeply for your warm and loving message. I am very grateful for your beautiful words and wishes. Suzana and I wish you a powerful healing as well. Have a joyful day. Lots of Love and blessings. Karmen

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