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Opening and balancing chakras is life changing experience that will forever leave seal in your life. This journey should not be goal orienting journey, because then it will not be a powerful journey. It is dynamic and awakening journey. Through path of balancing chakras you are experiencing presence of healing and external changing. Also, you will reveal the powerful magic lying beneath the surface of your inner wounds.

The doors

When you read and listen about chakras, it is good to be aware of this magic doors leading to your inner being powers. They are not something foreign, but they are energy centers within your body that needs your attention. When you give them full attention and focus, then you can help to open the chakras.

Once chakras begin to clear, you might notice wounds and pain coming to the surface. But at the same time, you are getting glimpses of your true self – consciousness that you are. You become aware of qualities, powers, strengths, gifts, talents, stability, sensuality, understanding, love, trust etc lying within you. Not only that, but your essence is now shining through your body. You feel enormously rooted and aware. Gradually, you are becoming aware of powerful healing within your body. Which heals even the most toughest diseases and illnesses you might dealing with. But you need to stick to the process.

Turning point

Of course we all want to free ourselves from pains, hurt, disappointments, challenges and discover our true self. We also want to heal ourself and become free of any disease / illness. But once you are focusing on chakras, you will also need to learn implementing your essence (Being) in every day life. And this is the challenging point where a lot of people give up.

They are not aware of their biggest turning point. Which is learning to stand deeply rooted in being while things are challenging. And when life does not go smooth or when fears come to the surface. Yes, this are the turning points in life when you become deeply conscious, awake, alert or with other word present. When you are truly present, then opening and balancing chakras awoke enormous fruits within you – freedom, stillness, love, trust, strength, power and stability. And in your essence all of that is you.

This is just a short description about “Opening and balancing chakras” process. Yet, there is so much more to it. But I invite you to explore the diamond that lies within you for yourself. At this moment this is everything and enough for stepping on your self-journey. On the path of self-revealing and healing of your body and life.

Open yourself

So, watch chakra videos bellow, where I focus on chakras in general and health issues. If you have any question about the process of healing journey or anything else, then click here and feel free to ask a question. I will be happy to help and guide you. If you want to know more about how the process of opening and balancing chakras goes, then you can find online seminar that I have made for you here.

Explore your energy centers – magic doors – with openness. I also invite you to join me on powerful self-healing and awakening with opening and balancing chakra meditation.

Suzana Trnovsek / Self-healing teachings

Watch health problems videos associating with your chakras

Health problems associated with root chakra | Exhaustion, osteoporosis, cold & hot feet, hips…
Health problems associated with root chakra: base spine pains, cold&hot feet, depression, diharea, excema, exhaustion, feeling unsafe, osteoporosis, sciatic nerve, ...
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Health problems associated with sacral chakra | Bladder, mood swings, ovaries, impotence, menstrual cramps, depression, skin disorders
Health problems associated with Sacral chakra – allergies, bladder problems, candida, depression, eating disorders, hormonal imbalance, impotence, menstrual cramps, mood ...
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Health problems associated with solar plexus chakra | Stomach problems, food allergies, digestion, liver & more
Health problems associated with Solar plexus chakra: artritis, astma, diabetes, digestion problems, food allergies, heat in the body, liver problems, ...
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Health problems associated with Third eye chakra | Nervousness, panic attacks, headaches, ears, eyes & more
Health problems associated with Third eye chakra: anxiety, blood pressure, dizziness, ear problems, eyes problems, facial paralysis, fear of death, ...
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Health problems associated with Crown chakra | Depression, mental disorders, insomnia, dizziness & more
Health problems associated with Crown chakra: bipolar disorder, bone disorders, brain diseases, cancer, depression, dizziness, hallucinations, hysteria, immune system disorders, ...
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Health problems associated with Heart chakra | Bronchitis, astma, breast cancer, heart diseases, breathing problems, lungs, allergies…& more
Health problems associated with Heart chakra: allergies, asthma, blood pressure, breast cancer, Bronchitis, circulation problems, cough, difficulties breathing, fatigue, heart ...
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Health problems assoc. with Throat chakra | Sore throat, gums, neck, teeth, caugh, ears, respiratory problems…
Health problems associated with Throat chakra: Respiratory problems, Asthma, Bronchitis, Ear Infections, Hearing Problems, Lost Voice, Mouth Ulcers, Sore Throat, ...
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and your energy centers in general

Root chakra | Security, Abuse, Karma, Manifestation

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Sacral chakra | Your feelings, Sensitivity, True joy, Creativity, Sexuality

Sacral chakra is powerful and very sensual center which opens and balances female and male energy. It deeply connect us ...
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Solar plexus chakra | Feeling powerless, Getting stuck, Nervousness , Courage, Low self-esteem

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Heart chakra | Needy for love, True inner love, Resentments, Hate, Compasion

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Throat chakra | Verbal abuse, Not allowed to express yourself, Judging yourself, Power of self expression, Being humiliated

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Third eye chakra | Is life against you?, Fear of diseases, Life purpose, Intuition, Knowigness

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Crown chakra | Do you know who you are?; Your wisdom; Higher inteligence; Power

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How do chakras work (balance)? | Practical examples

Energy centers are energy parts connected to each other to the full consciousness that you are. Those energy centers when ...
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