Fearful thoughts – How I dealt with my fearful thoughts and became free of negative thinking

Fearful thoughts – How I dealt with my fearful thoughts and became free of negative thinking

I was starting to deal with my fearful thoughts after I watched a movie where negative thinking was very much exposed. At that time I was smoking cigarettes. And for every new cigarette I smoked, I became aware of my negative fearful thoughts arising. I heard loud thought now more than ever. The thoughts were telling me: “You are going to be sick. You will get throat cancer. You are going to die…”

Thoughts were noisy and every new day crazier. I couldn’t stop them. So, I started to smoke less as I believed it would help. But it didn’t. Through the days I became fearful about my negative thoughts again. I believed after watching that movie that every single negative thought is going to cause an illness and negative future for me. Not knowing the real meaning of catching a negative thoughts in my mind.

Strong identification

So, I felt trapped in my mind. I didn’t have the solution to separate myself from the thoughts and my fears. At that time I was not even aware of choice of separation that I had.

After some months, I started to deal with another health issue – panic attacks (written story HERE). With this health problem my fearful thoughts arose even stronger. I completely believed to my fearful thoughts as they were telling me: “You will die, get ill, end up in mental hospital. You are never going to be well. It is the end for you.“ And so much more. It was such a strong identification with my thoughts and that strongly affected my sight which has increased to see external life blurry. Also, my breathing became labored. And I felt a huge weight in my chest for days. All my attention was in my mind – head. All that was very much stressful and exhausting.

Diving into my deeper self

I approached to the healing of my fearful thoughts/wounds by going within because nothing else could cut the root of my thought patterns. First, I started with HEALING MEDITATION and through out the day I added EXPENDING CONSCIOUSNESS. The process was gradual but very effective, powerful and it freed me forever.


NOTE/IMPORTANT: Do not be afraid if fearful thoughts and negative thinking arise during your self-healing process. Because they will . And they need to in order to be healed. This is the process of dissolving your wound. When it dissolves from your energy field, then no fearful thoughts will arise anymore. Liberation from the fearful thoughts and negative thinking is born. Thoughts will still arise. But this time they will be clear thoughts, derived from your powerful Being – from consciousness that you are. No more fear in your life. Instead, freedom, lightness and health will be reborn. With lots of Love and healing support, Karmen / Self-healing teachings with Suzana

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2 thoughts on “Fearful thoughts – How I dealt with my fearful thoughts and became free of negative thinking”

  • It’s a very powerful story and I can relate a lot to it. Some of the illnesses appeared almost exactly the way I feared they would. It became obsession. The worst are these negative thoughts or beliefs that I’m helpless, can’t do it or whatever I do won’t work and it has to stop now, or else… ( worst case scenarios), sleepless nights… I’m ready to do whatever just as you were…and the way you did it resonates with my inner truth more than anything else I considered to try although I’m full of self doubts and barely hanging on. I turn to my guides for help as Suzana adviced and will use the tools as I aquire them. Your words were helpful. They reminded me again that no matter how bad or doomed it seems now, it is possible to turn it around and that the power and the trust to do it is within us. Thank you!

    • Dear Karmen 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful message. I am very grateful my story helps you on your healing path. You know what? It can be challenging a little bit in the beginning. But just keep going and continue with daily practices and healing. You are improving with every day. Your consciousness will expand and get stronger than your thoughts, consequently the shift in your state will arise. Healing is a process, so stepping stones are required. But do not forget, with every single new step you are closer to yourself – the biggest power within you. I wish you a gentle self-healing process and a lot of presence. With lots of Love and healing support, Karmen

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