Fear of meditating

Fear of meditating

You might be already aware that you are afraid of meditating. That can be a big reason for not choosing meditation as a healing tool. But even more challenging is for those who are not aware of their own fear. People who are dealing with fear of meditating are usually pushing the fear in the background. And that is causing a resistance.

Expose your fear

Look at your fears directly by:

  • Asking yourself: “Do I resist to meditation because of any fear?” Ask and give a conscious space so that the life can bring you an answer;
  • Admit yourself that you are dealing with a fear;
  • Allow the fear to exist;
  • Allow yourself to feel the fear, but observe it with your presence;
  • Ask yourself: “What am I actually afraid of?”

But overall, approaching to fear of meditation:

Dive to meditation with someone being present while you are meditating. This is a very important step to heal your fears and finally experience strong healing through meditation. I recommend you to firstly start with meditation that will in a gentle way help you dive within and merge you with yourself – Being:

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