Experiencing physical sensations and changes

Experiencing physical sensations and changes

The self-healing process brings a lot of changes in your life and health. But primary change always starts on the level of consciousness or, so to speak, on the invisible energetic level.

Energetic changes which start to happen are then felt through experiencing various symptoms in the body itself. This might be for you surprising or confusing. So below I went into details of those sensations which can help you to go through the self-healing process with more awareness and ease. Especially when physical sensations rises.


Physical sensations are the ones that are felt in your body as:
  • physical pains,
  • feeling a weight or heaviness in your body,
  • heat in your body,
  • coldness,
  • electricity feelings,
  • itchiness on skin,
  • tingling sensations,
  • fast heartbeat;
  • organ pains or beating sensation in your organ,
  • nervousness or restlessness in certain part of your body,
  • labored breathing etc.
Now lets take a look into a specific sensation examples below:
  • you might experience physical pains in your legs, pains in your neck, strong tension around your mouth, eye pains,¬†migraines etc.
  • the weight can be very often felt in your legs. That weight is felt as though is sucking all the energy out of you. The weight can be later on felt also on a chest, kidneys, face, arms etc.
  • lighter or intense heat sensations appear most often in the stomach, upper legs, genital area, below the navel…Sometimes the heat can appear also in the chest area, upper back, behind eye balls and on the cheek area;
  • you might feel cold, even if it is a summer or feel just slight cold sensations in your palms, very often on the feet..and rarely whole body;
  • electricity feelings are not so often, but they can appear – usually during meditation;
  • an itchy skin is usually part of the self-healing process for almost each human being. It can appear on any part of the body. But very often appears on the legs and palms;
  • tingling, slight weird and unpleasant sensations, most often appear on the head (left or right side), then are arms and left or right leg;
  • fast heart beat can be also part of the self-healing process. It may surprise you, but do not worry about that. Below I explain more;
  • you might feel a strong beat or pain in your kidney area or any other organ;
  • strong nervousness can be experienced as restless feet, palms, biting nails, compressing the jaw, teeth restlessness etc.
Now lets take a look why you experience those sensations:
  1. Firstly, powerful healing meditation awakens your inner healing power;
  2. Your inner healing power (consciousness) then awakens your emotional inner pains such as fears, grief, resentments, traumatic past pains, anger, wounds, etc. All of those emotions hurt manifests in our lives as deep suffering, unhappiness and diseases;
  3. So, emotional hurt is then lifted with the help of your inner healing power. It needs to be lifted or awaken in order to free yourself from suffering;
  4. Your body immediately experiences what is happening on the energetic, healing level. So when emotional pains are awakened from the unconscious level, body feels them immediately. This is the point where you feel a sensation mentioned above. They can appear in various ways (examples described above), but now you know that something on the energy level is rising and healing;
  5. As you see, when your body starts to experience inner change, you feel it as physical sensations that you may experience them in the beginning of the self-healing process or later on. If your body was always sensitive or sick, you will feel them immediately and constantly until the majority of healing is complete from within;
By meditating on a regular basis, a strong healing from within awakens and is felt firstly as sensations in the body. So when sensations appear become aware that:
  • It is temporal sensation that will dissolve as soon as you heal the emotional hurt from within;
  • The sensations will come and go. They are part of the healing process;
  • Acceptance of those sensations is the key for fast, inner healing;
  • If fear from experiencing those sensations arises, help yourself to calm your mind. You can help yourself with this guidance (“Calming your thoughts”) here. Or focus on observing your breathing;
  • Nothing bad is happening to you when you have those sensations. It is opposite of bad. Actually an enormous healing of inner emotional suffering is about to take a place. And that also means that you are ready to heal it;
  • If they last for more than one day, that is fine too. Accept them, rest, focus within your body and surrender to the enormous healing;

* Important: Some of the sensations may become an obvious “passenger” through the self-healing process for a longer period of time. It happens also that. In my case, labored breathing on the chest area and the throat was with me for the first 6-8 months. It was not easy, but a lot of suffering has been lifted and needed to be acknowledged with my awareness. On the other hand, my sister Karmen was dealing with strong heat in the body for more than a year. But gradually, those sensations dissolved, once the suffering within was healed.

Sensations will also dissolve in your case.

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