Can astrology help you with healing your disease?

Can astrology help you with healing your disease?

One of the most powerful ways to tap into healing your disease is with the help of astrology. But not in a way to check future predictions such as: if you are going to heal the disease. Or if you are going to get healthy, feel better etc.

What can give you the solution for your disease are your present situations that you are in. And here comes your personal astrology chart that defines where are your current challenges. Also how do you start with healing and when.

Path to healing

The planets positions and current aspects defines what is the most important to deal with in your life in this moment. Even though if the focus of planets is not in the disease area. What brings you healing of your disease are your present challenges, present situations that are happening in this moment. If the slowly moving planets such as Saturn or Pluto are in your area of romance, then this area defines the most important steps to heal your disease. How and in why?

Lets look at one example: The planet Pluto transiting in this moment through romance area can indicate some unresolved anger, power struggles in you that connects you to childhood period time. This anger, if it is not resolved, it expands to unbalanced relationships, addictions, unhappiness and is crucial to tackle with your awareness. Because those unresolved emotional issues are in this moment significant for healing your disease. They are first and currently most important steps despite that you might think the other way.

What you resolve and heal with your awareness in this moment takes you in harmonious sequence of healing. Without one step of current healing, you cannot continue to another. But gradually you come to the root that is meaningful for definite healing. If you would go some other way around, you can easily get stuck.

Life is conscious, so are planets. They brought you to this article. The planets move in the most divine harmony, creating its own orchestrate and inviting you to learn to dance with them. When you learn to dance with the planets and allow them to work for you with you, then you are always safe and supported.

I suggest you to look at your natal powers presented in astrology. Also look your limitations that needs your awareness and current positions which defines what you need to focus on in this moment. In that way you do not need to be afraid of anything. You have stepped on a path of deep healing.

How can astrology help you with healing

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