Crown chakra | Do you know who you are?; Your wisdom; Higher inteligence; Power

Crown chakra | Do you know who you are?; Your wisdom; Higher inteligence; Power

Basics of your crown chakra

  • Mantra: Om
  • Location: on the top of your head;
  • In order to fully experience opening of crown chakra, 6 basic chakras needs to be open and third eye developed to some extend. That is why I recommend you to meditate on all of the 7 basic chakras in one meditation.

Open crown chakra:

  • deeply calm, serene and open;
  • experience your real self;
  • ego dissolves;
  • you align with every human being as one with each human being;
  • having understanding why is something happening in your life or someones;
  • transcends judgments into understanding (example: judging a prostitute transcends into understanding her past suffering);
  • seeing life, events, challenges, people from higher perspective;
  • connected to the highest consciousness;
  • no fear exist withing you anymore;

Not developed crown chakra:

  • depressed about life;
  • confused about self – who are you, what you should do here on the planet Earth, what is the point of living;
  • escaping from the reality by focusing on a lot of activities, keeping yourself busy…
  • very fearful about death;
  • experiencing fear also in other areas of life;
  • fearful about the diseases;
  • lack of understanding of life, people and situations;
  • difficulties of self-understanding;
  • lack of direction;
  • major depression;

Some basic health problems

Alzheimer’s,depression, Parkinson disease, cancers, nervous system issues, learning disorders, neurosis, headache, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, dizziness,…

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