Connecting to yourself

Connecting to yourself

Connect to yourself on a daily basis and start to discovering yourself from a deeper level.


Connecting to yourself:

– connects you to the core of your essence – to who you truly are;

– increases your presence or so to speak expands your awareness;

– aligns you with the now and help you to center yourself;

– activates an inner healing and help you to become intensely present in any challenging given moment;

– teaches you how to live your life from the state of being – state of stillness, peace and surrendered state;

– connects you to the flow of life;



1. Make yourself comfortable. You can sit in your chair or lye in your bed. As you prefer.

2. Put your palms next to your body or on your legs (if you are sitting) and place your palms to face up;

3. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out three times;

4. Now place your attention on your chest area and take a deep breath in and out again (do not loose the focus from your chest area);

5. Now give your complete focus to your right palm and hold attention there for 20-30 minutes; Your focus or attention needs to be only on your palm and not else where. If you loose your attention and follow to your thoughts, just gently place your attention back to your right palm.

6. Gradually you feel slight tingling sensation or vibration on your right palm. That is the actual of feedback that you have connected to yourself and that you are free in that moment from thinking.


Explanation of this practice:

– Once you give your full attention to your right palm you redirect your focus from your mind to your inner body – to your inner being. When you hold attention on your right palm, you practice the sense of self, activating your inner healing, increasing your presence and learning the feelings what it truly means being connected to yourself;

-You focus on palm because your palm gives you immediate feedback (vibration) if you have connected to yourself. However, if you would focus on your chest area, aliveness would not awaken because that is the part that is also very often dense by strong emotional suffering.

– Feeling the aliveness means being connected to yourself. You might still not feel the peace, joy and love in you, but feeling the vibration is the beginning and opener to connect to the qualities and power of your inner being. If you do not feel any vibration or sensation on your right palm, it means that your mind is still active. So, continue to practice and it will eventually quiet down.



Use this practice 1-2 times a day.

– We used this practice in the beginning 2 times a day and so we recommend to you the same. It is an amazing practice that will help you align with yourself and implement the sense of self when you do other daily obligations – which need your alignment/presence.



– your inner vibration increases with practice and awakens on the other part of the body. Allow it to exist. It is a good sign that presence in you is increasing;

– you can practice this exercise with eyes open (at the bus station, when you are waiting for something/someone etc..use any opportunity of being connected to yourself or so to speak being present);

– extended version of this practice is to focus on both palm, then simultaneously on your feet and later on feeling the aliveness through the whole body. Do not rush it and start with your right palm.

– if you lost the vibration, you have lost the presence in you. Take a deep breath in and out and refocus your attention to your right palm. Feeling the peace, stillness, pleasant quietness is sign that you feel the true self – you have fully connected to yourself. That gradually transfers to your daily activities that can be then transformed into much deeper sense of living.


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