Q&A: My child is bullied at school. How can I help her?

Q&A: My child is bullied at school. How can I help her?

Is your child bullied at school? Are you and a child struggling with how to stop bullying? Do you search answers and solutions to help your child? Did you already do what was possible to do and nothing helps? However you and your child struggle, this video have the answers that you need to stop bullying forever.

“Why is my child being bullied?”

It seems like that bullying is not possible to stop it no matter how much we try. The majority is trying to fight bullying externally. But they do not realize that the cause of bullying lies in a child’s inner suffering. What your child is experiencing on the internal level, manifests as bullying. I talk about in details in a video and I suggest it to listen in order to help your child. I go into details why is your child experiencing bullying and I touch the subject of shyness.

“How can I help my child?”

Video includes the details and answers that you need to share with a child. You can actually help a child, but the only person that can truly heal the bullying is the child itself. This video reveals you details that you might have never consider are important or connected with a child. It helps you understand why the bullying exist and what needs to be done in order to help your child.

When you try to change external situation, in this case bullying, you feel powerless right? Nothing is working and nothing can stop it. But this is because live evolves and manifest from within. So this also means that within is the solution and healing tool that can change the manifestation and reflection. I talk about how and in a what way in video. And share with you my own experiences with bullying.

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