How I healed burning sensations in my stomach, lower back, genitals and upper legs

Of all the diseases that I had experienced, this lasted the longest time. It was very tricky to find the cause of it, even though my sister Suzana has already experience it a few years before. It all started with … Continued

How I healed my Panic attacks | Karmen’s self-healing life story

Panic attacks were one of the biggest challenges in my life. They appeared suddenly, as they would come from nowhere. For about first twenty and something years I have never dealt with any major health problem. Flu was the biggest … Continued

How I healed Facial Paralysis | Karmen’s self-healing life story

Karmen’s facial paralysis story: I was working in a very stressful job in my twenties. This was my first »serious « and permanent job that I took. At that time I didn’t know my life purpose. Also, I didn’t know … Continued

Fearful thoughts – How I dealt with my fearful thoughts and became free of negative thinking

I was starting to deal with my fearful thoughts after I watched a movie where negative thinking was very much exposed. At that time I was smoking cigarettes. And for every new cigarette I smoked, I became aware of my … Continued

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