Misused unbalanced sexual energy

Compared to my sister Karmen’s blocked sexual energy, I was complete opposition. In my young years, I was already very eager and interested into sexuality. Unbalanced sexual energy was already controlling my mind very soon. I was feeding sexual desires … Continued

Blocked unbalanced sexual energy

Sexual energy is creative expressive energy and very healing energy within our body. But when sexual energy blocks, it can express itself in a damaged way. So I want to share with you Karmen’s life experience with sexual energy before … Continued

Menstrual cramps. Where lies the cause?

It is very interesting to observe how menstrual cramps became as normal part of life for almost each women. If cramps are not present, than irregular menstrual period rises on horizon. What we may realize is also that to calm … Continued

How I healed burning sensations in my stomach, lower back, genitals and upper legs

Of all the diseases that I had experienced, this lasted the longest time. It was very tricky to find the cause of it, even though my sister Suzana has already experience it a few years before. It all started with … Continued

How I healed my Panic attacks | Karmen’s self-healing life story

Panic attacks were one of the biggest challenges in my life. They appeared suddenly, as they would come from nowhere. For about first twenty and something years I have never dealt with any major health problem. Flu was the biggest … Continued

How I healed Facial Paralysis | Karmen’s self-healing life story

Karmen’s facial paralysis story: I was working in a very stressful job in my twenties. This was my first »serious « and permanent job that I took. At that time I didn’t know my life purpose. Also, I didn’t know … Continued

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