Experiencing physical sensations and changes

The self-healing process brings a lot of changes in your life and health. But primary change always starts on the level of consciousness or, so to speak, on the invisible energetic level.

Energetic changes which start to happen are then felt through experiencing various symptoms in the body itself. This might be for you surprising or confusing. So below I went into details of those sensations which can help you to go through the self-healing process with more awareness and ease. Especially when physical sensations rises.

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How do you start with self-healing journey

The self-healing journey is an awakening process. You awake from suffering by expanding your own consciousness and heal the inner suffering with healing power lying in you.

As essence, you are already divine, loving, perfect and extremely powerful. What blocks your pure essence are an emotional pain intertwined with an ego mind which gradually manifest as agony, dreadful life, diseases and deep despair. Those blocks need to be healed with your inner healing power in order to become free of suffering and any disease.

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Who runs your life?

When you are suffering in any kind of way, then you are not the one who is running your life. Instead mind, thoughts, emotions and ego are the one who not only run your life, but also possess the wholeness of your Being. The image above represents the suffering way of living and how it affects our whole life. But on the other hand, when we connect to the essence of who we truly are – consciousness/Being – we create a blissful life. Stress-free life is possible, but only through our conscious inner energy field. The change and healing of wounds, pains, blockades,…start within by aligning with your Being and expanding as consciousness which gradually liberates you from any kind of suffering.

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