How I healed burning sensations in my stomach, lower back, genitals and upper legs

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Are you dealing with unpleasant heat in the body? Is the burning sensation getting stronger? Does it seems as though nothing stops those sensations? And you just cannot understand where does it come from and why it happens. Here is the first the most important message about the heat in the body that you need to know.

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How I healed Facial Paralysis | Karmen’s self-healing life story

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Facial Paralysis defines the emotional distance. In astrology the moon represents the movement, feminine energy, emotions etc. So many people who have the emotions on the subconscious level, it indicates the separation from thei emotions. That also means that their natal moon (astrology aspect) is somewhere hidden and requires the awareness to reach into deepest emotional self. Otherwise the consequence of experiencing Facial Paralysis is one of the results.

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How I healed negative (demon) energy stepping into my body

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Are you facing with horrific night experiences? Do you feel as though these experiences are almost demonic? Or you are convinced that experiences are actually demons? Do you feel as though someone is entering into your body and completely manipulate or control you? Are those energy scare you to the bones and hunt you every night? Lets take a look what is actually happening to you.

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