Throat chakra | Verbal abuse, Not allowed to express yourself, Judging yourself, Power of self expression, Being humiliated

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Basics of your throat chakra Mantra: Ham Location: on the throat area; In order to fully experience opening of throat chakra, I recommend you to meditate on all of the 7 basic chakras in one meditation. Open throat: you thoughts, … Continued

Sacral chakra | Your feelings, Sensitivity, True joy, Creativity, Sexuality

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Basics of your sacral chakra: Sacral chakra is located a little bit below the navel; Sacral chakra begins to awaken and clearing by imaging bright orange color. Mantra: Vam Location: 1-2 cm below the navel; In order to fully experience … Continued

Misused unbalanced sexual energy

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Compared to my sister Karmen’s blocked sexual energy, I was complete opposition. In my young years, I was already very eager and interested into sexuality. Unbalanced sexual energy was already controlling my mind very soon. I was feeding sexual desires … Continued

Blocked unbalanced sexual energy

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My sister’s example:  blocked – unbalanced – sexual energy One of the first signs of blocked sexual energy within her body appeared in very young age when she started to pee in her bed. Another sign appeared as peeing in … Continued

How I healed burning sensations in my stomach, lower back, genitals and upper legs

Of all the diseases that I had experienced, this lasted the longest time. It was very tricky to find the cause of it, even though my sister Suzana has already experience it a few years before. It all started with … Continued

Fearful thoughts – How I dealt with my fearful thoughts and became free of negative thinking

I was starting to deal with my fearful thoughts after I watched a movie where negative thinking was very much exposed. At that time I was smoking cigarettes. And for every new cigarette I smoked, I became aware of my … Continued

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